Bitcoin Trend May Fizzle Out Says MRB Partners

Bitcoin Trend May Fizzle Out Says MRB Partners
  • According to MRB Partners, Bitcoin is nearing its end.
  • Some analysts believe that BTC’s potential growth may limit.
  • Regulators have analyzed the risks from non-financial exchanges.

MRB Partners is an independent top-down research firm that provides a multi-asset investment strategy. They believe that the Bitcoin trend may fizzle out in the nearing days.

Bitcoin (BTC) has doubled in price from last year, where it has risen up to 30% to date. Although, it has suffered in the market last year, and some analysts bring up significant concerns about cryptocurrencies’ environmental impact, potential regulatory risks, negative technical trends, and a future reduction in monetary stimulus. Eventually, this may cause bitcoin to struggle in the future.

Besides, MRB has released a report titled “Has the Crypto Fever broken?” on May 25. In which, they have written, “Easy money fueled the crypto bubble, and a slow unwinding of this trend globally will eventually become a headwind for the speculative digital asset,”.

Moreover, Considerations about the ecosystem, leverage, and renewed fears of a global regulatory crackdown in the United States and China were mentioned by MRB as potential headwinds for cryptocurrencies.

Significantly, to come out from the negative zone, MRB says that the crypto mining system should allow miners to create tokens at a low cost compared to the current cost. Through increasing the mining efficiency it would result in reduced energy consumption, which usually happens during bitcoin price correction.

As reported by researchers, they have analyzed the risks from increased non-financial exchanges. Also, they were clear that this may not be the result for all crypto markets.

Furthermore, there is a great chance that these assets may become the mainstream investment option for people. The Crypto world has a long way to go with more ups and downs.

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