Bitcoin (BTC) Reaches Highest Market Cap of $900B

Bitcoin (BTC) Reaches Highest Market Cap of $900B
  • Bitcoin (BTC) reaches overall market cap of above $900 billion.
  • Six weeks highest circulation on September 15.
  • BTC holders are now even more profuse upon their holdings and more investments.

There never goes a day without the mentioning of Bitcoin (BTC) in any news on the crypto industry. Either being direct news or something indirect, BTC is always spoken of evidently. Being the supreme ruler of the crypto industry as the number 1 crypto, hypes upon it are always high. Accordingly, BTC now accumulates to new highs, increasing its portfolio of records dramatically. 

$900 Billion MarketCap

Being the biggest digital asset in all terms, it rules the market cap which is ofcourse evident. However, apart from just being the top, BTC tries to always increase itself upon many aspects in order to sustain its position. 

In spite of this, taking the past 24 hours into consideration from the time of writing, BTC reached an overall market cap of $900 billion! The more highlight is that it continues to stay above $900 billion profusely till now. Therefore, it seems BTC has got its levels one step higher now.

In addition, taking the past week into account, BTC has spiked up by 4% overall, with its price staggering around $48K. Also, the circulation of BTC reached its maximum high on September 15 for the past six weeks.

Furthermore, the market chain analysis firm, Santiment states the major reason for this surge in market cap is because of the rise in the number of altcoins and tokens moving towards the BTC network. True to the fact this is the reason, as the price of BTC still remains below $50K. 

Accordingly, Santiment depicts that more tokens are on the BTC network, making the token circulation high.

Regards on BTC Holders

Apart from all this, the profuse BTC holders too have a significant role in this high time for BTC. The recent period witnessed many investments into BTC and acquiring it. 

A profuse BTC holder states, last week alone he has bought BTC such that his accumulation is more than 60,000 coins. 

In addition, the epic BTC backer, MicroStrategy has acquired about 5050 BTC more to its previous holdings.

 Despite BTC on higher trends of volatility, the investors upon BTC and the renowned holders continue to invest on and on.

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