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BinaryX (BNX) Shoots Over 90% In A Day

BinaryX (BNX) Price Surges Over 11% in Last 24 Hours Altcoin News
  • BinaryX (BNX) climbed up to 90% in the last 24-hours.
  • The platform is built on Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.
  • BinaryX Cyber Dragon has launched its game-token.

While some early investors are still investing in crypto-assets, the technology has advanced in terms of innovation and growth. Aside from crypto-assets, gaming tokens are rapidly growing. Axie Infinity is the most well-known gaming token in our minds, and as a result, many other gaming tokens have entered the market.

DeFi and NFTs, on the other hand, are game-changers in the crypto industry. They’ve gotten a lot of attention, and their features prioritize security. NFTs are available in a variety of formats, including images, videos, and artwork. Even game items and characters are in the form of NFTs, attracting investors. This play-to-earn concept has captured many users and thus gaming tokens are becoming the trend of the industry.

BinaryX is a Decentralized Derivatives Contract Built on the Binance Smart Chain And Ethereum. BinaryX, which uses an improved Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, allows users to trade binary options conveniently.

Current Market Status

At the time of writing, the trading price of BNX is $23.20 with a trading volume of $6,919,987 in the last 24-hours. According to Coinmarkercap , BNX has surged up to 91.68% within a day and it holds 639th rank. Moreover, the current circulating supply of BNX coins is 1,335,426.

Trading Chart of BinaryX

The chart depicts the bullish pattern for BinaryX (BNX). The price of BNX has surged from $16.62 to $23.20 within a day. Significantly, BNX has reached its all-time high on August 25 at $23.20. With the 7-day statistics, the price of BNX shoots over 380%, which is from 45.3 to $23.20. 

BinaryX Launched Its Game-Token

The game tokens are based on the ‘Play-to-Earn’ concept, which means that users or gamers can play the game and earn rewards with the tokens. Notably, BinaryX Cyber Dragon has listed its game token $Gold on Pancakeswap. Users can now begin mining, as well as play to earn games and DeFi products.

As per recent updates, Binary has launched its game-token on August 25 which is now available in the Pancakeswap exchange. So this might be the reason for the price hike of BNX, as it attracts gamers with the concept of play-to-earn. However, the uptrend has created a tipping point for BNX users. Users can expect further price increases as their system evolves. If this trend continues, BNX users will be rewarded significantly in the near future.

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