Binance’s BNB Chain Joins Forces With Google Cloud

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  • Developers of Web3 projects will have access to the technical subject matter experts.
  • Access to Web3 developer courses, Google Cloud training and certifications possible.

Binance BNB Chain, a blockchain platform for smart contracts, has teamed with Google Cloud to help both Web3 and blockchain startups. To support their BNB Chain blockchain development, startups may now make use of Google Cloud’s scalable, secure, and open-source infrastructure.

This means that over 1,300 operational DApps from the fields of decentralized finance (DeFi), the Metaverse, blockchain games, and non-fungible tokens may make use of the resources made available by both platforms.

Access to Exclusive Takeaways

Data encryption and on-demand, real-time analysis of on-chain data will also be available to these initiatives thanks to Google Cloud. The provision of a platform allowing developers and projects to have access to carbon-neutral cloud infrastructure with which to grow their offers is a major takeaway.

Through this collaboration, select Web3 developers inside the BNB Chain ecosystem will be able to join the Google for Startups Cloud Program. Included in this category are the BNB Chain initiatives chosen for the MVB Accelerator program.

To aid startups in getting their initiatives off the ground, Google offers them a chance to earn Google Cloud credits per year for up to two years via their Google for Startups Cloud Program.

Moreover, developers of Web3 projects will have access to the technical subject matter experts at Google Cloud. Especially in the fields of data management, data analytics, AI, machine learning, and zero trust security. As well as the Google Cloud Startup Success team. Participants will get access to Web3 developer courses, as well as Google Cloud training and certifications.

In February of 2022, the BNB Beacon Chain and the BNB Smart Chain merged to become the BNB Chain. To facilitate the growth of multichain ecosystems, the blockchain network is interoperable with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

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