BNB Chain

Ankr’s Public Goods Approach Scaled the BNB Chain, Creating a Greater Impact Than Anticipated

The effect of Ankr’s initial open-source speed enhancements on the BNB Chain was much more than expected. Ankr, the fastest-growing

2 months ago 4 mins read

iZUMi Finance Raises $30M to Expand Their Ecosystem

iZiSwap that guarantees traders no slippage and cheaper trading fees.  iZUMi’s new, U.S. dollar-pegged, 100% collateral-backed bond iUSD. ZUMi Finance,

3 months ago 3 mins read

3 Fast-Growing Alternative DeFi Platforms To AAVE

AAVE has rapidly emerged as one of the most popular platforms in DeFi, enabling crypto users to borrow and lend

6 months ago 7 mins read