Binance CEO Warns of SMS Scams!

  • Binance CEO warns users regarding a scam through a tweet.
  • The fake SMS scam from Binance is spreading massively. 
  • The link pulled out a new web page designed to steal all login credentials. 

Yet, once more, Binance gets pulled into strings of scams. Though not by itself, but rather through different means surrounding. Being the world’s largest digital crypto exchange obviously becomes the apple of the eye for scammers and hackers. 

Likewise, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (CZ) put out a tweet just a few hours back from the time of writing. This tweet is actually a warning for all Binance users to safeguard themselves from the massively spreading fake Binance SMS.

CZ Binance’s Warnings

On Friday, February 4, 2022, the CEO of Binance, CZ took to Twitter, posting a tweet which spread virally. According to the tweet, CZ gives out a radical warning for all Binance users all over the world, regarding a scam prevailing currently. 

Upon the tweet, CZ mentions that a widespread SMS scam is being done to many Binance users all over the world. The scam is that a SMS is being sent to many numerous users, denoting that a withdrawal is being done upon your Binance account. Furthermore, the SMS reads that if the transaction was not made by the user, then click on a link given. This particular link once clicked directly goes to the webpage, where the users are being asked their login credentials.  

Once the credentials are entered, then that’s it, the scammers have got what they needed. In spite of this, CZ posted a screenshot of such scam SMS along with the tweet. Many such scams and hacks are continuously on the go upon the crypto industry vividly. 

With the passing of each year, the scam counts are profusely only on the rise. Moreover, recently a hack upon the Wormhole token resulted in a massive loss of $321 million worth Wrapped Ether (wETH). Similarly, about just two weeks back, suffered similar security hacks resulting in loss of $33.8 million.

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