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Audius Records 5 Million Users in A Month

Audius Records 5 Million Users in A Month Blockchain News

The musical industry always has a super power to keep its users alive and active. It has its followers all over the world with different languages. Thus, music streaming platforms are engaging all users worldwide. 

Audius is an Ethereum based musical platform, which connects people and musicians on its brand new streaming platform. Moreover the Audius app is built with the latest blockchain technology which offers the artists the freedom to share and listen to all music. 

Audius Hits Its Milestone 

The modern streaming Audius app distributes its music service offering a more attractive deal for musicians in the digital age. Through its decentralized platform Audius reaches its high scale of attaining 5 million users within a month. 

The Blockchain platform enables the creators to have the ownership for their music collections and works in the application. It also helps the musicians to download, listen and share music from any online platforms. Further, the creators, musicians and the fans are increasingly benefiting from the distributed technology. 

Besides, Audius explorer network records almost 30,000 and 50,000 unique users per day. Large number of users who are always active on the stream mostly listen to hip-hop songs  with a strong base in EDM. More so, the Audius offers free music and has supported many musicians to build their fans club. 

Also, the Audius expands its network attracting upto 5 million users within a short period of time. Notably, the digital musical platform has popular players and musicians engaged into its network. Besides, many music celebrities like Skrillex, deadmau5 and Weezer are fetching the latest and exclusive music for their fans. 

Audius Latest Updates

The biggest asset of the Audius platform is the issuing of its native token, AUDIO. The music industry has ideas to reward the AUDIO tokens to its artists who contribute and engage more with the network. Besides, the Audius launching in 2019 recently plans to closely work with a distributed version of SoundCloud than Spotify. 

More so, the network gave 50 million AUDIO tokens to 10K some special  users, mainly to the artists who use Audius on a regular basis, listeners who enjoy a lot of tracks and for the users who provide valuable feedback. 

The Co- founder of Audius Roneil Rumburg and Forrest Browning shares, 

Creators are not paid directly by Audius based on streams, but instead are given the platform needed to monetize their work in the way they fit, including via sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).”

Thus, Audius plays a dual role in the industry working both as a company and as a network. This expansion of the platform covers more artists and thus records its milestone of reaching 5 Million users. 

However the exciting part of the music community is offering the $AUDIO token which indicates the Audius community is ready to jump into the crypto space.

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