Thu, November 30

Audius (AUDIO) Price Surges Over 130% in a Day

Audius: Top Crypto Gainer of the Day Altcoin News
  • Audius (AUDIO) has surged above 130% within 24 hours.
  • It is a crypto-powered music streaming and sharing platform.
  • AUDIO is one among the top gainers of the market in the last 24-hours.
  • Audius Partners With TikTok.

Every day is an on and off for various cryptocurrencies. Some digital assets surge up, while others fall, which appears to be normal in the crypto-market. The majority of the world’s population is turning to cryptocurrency, and the industry is advancing faster than ever before.

The attention which the crypto market has gained is huge and many institutional investors are focusing on cryptocurrencies rather than stocks and shares. Digital currencies seem to be the future of financial sectors, as a result, other industries are paving the way for digital currencies to be integrated. Similarly, this day is for the Audius, which soars to 130% within 24 hours.

The Audius (AUDIO) offers an open network, platform governance, and artist work security. The platform is built on the Ethereum and Solana blockchains which was founded in 2018 and launched in 2019. The Audius protocol also allows users to earn revenue by staking the platform’s native token on hosted services.

Current Market Status

According to Coinmarketcap, the trading price of Audius (AUDIO) is $3.95, at the time of writing. The trading volume of $1,079,502,347 for the past 24 hours and AUDIO has surged to 133.21% within a day.

Trading Chart of Audius

The chart depicts the bullish price over Audius for the past 24 hours. AUDIO has surged from $1.92 to $3.95 within a day, which seems like a cakewalk for its users. The currency circulating supply of AUDIO coins is 400,244,277. It is available in top exchanges such as Binance, Tokocrypto, FTX, BitWell, and Hotcoin Global.

Audius Partners With TikTok

Auduis, a blockchain-powered music platform, has announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with TikTok, allowing artists to directly upload sounds in the app. Audius users can now easily share their tracks on TikTok in under a minute.

Significantly, Audius is the first music streaming platform that enables sharing directly to TikTok. This feature went live on Monday so that Audius users were able to use this feature from August 16.

Considering the recent updates, the new partnership with TikTok might be the reason for the AUDIO price surge. However, the uptrend has provided AUDIO users with a sweet spot. With the developments on their system, users can expect more hikes in price. Besides, Audius is one among the top gainers for the past 24 hours. If this trend continues, AUDIO users will be rewarded handsomely in the near future.

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