Altcoins Spike Despite Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Drown

Top 3 Altcoins Bearing Huge Potential in May 2022
  • Over the past 48 Hours, both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are down.
  • Several altcoins spike up evidently, despite BTC and ETH’s downfall.
  • Top 3 altcoins to spike for the past 24 hours are XYO Network (XYO), Coin (CRO), Wrapped NXM (WNXM) .

The current market scenario is something that is quite rare. You cannot often see altcoins surging up profusely with the major crypto players, the Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) falling down. 

However, at present several altcoins have rocketed up despite BTC plunging down to $60K and ETH at $4.3K. Also, both are down by a major of 2% to 3% overall. 

On the other hand, the top three altcoins which have rocketed up for the past 24 hours are XYO Network (XYO), Coin (CRO), Wrapped NXM (WNXM).

XYO Network (XYO)

The XYO Network platform is one particular decentralized blockchain platform that correlates data regards to geospatial. It determines the weather, temperature, humidity, and much more connected to a particular location. 

Apart from this it also features profuse smart contracts upon its platform. XYO being the native token for the XYO Network platform actually works based upon the ETH blockchain. 

Besides, taking the past 24 hours into consideration, XYO has risen to $0.0818 from a low of $0.0584. Moreover, this accounts for a whopping rise of 33.34% in overall gains just in a few hours. Coin (CRO)

The (CRO) platform is also a decentralized ecosystem towards various online payments including finance and trading too. The CRO is the native token of the platform. 

Over the past 24 hours and over a little more, the price of CRO has spiked up drastically the same as the XYO just in a span of a few hours. The highest for the past 24 hours for CRO stands at $0.401. 

In spite of this, the overall gains account for 32.90% for the past 24 hours and a whopping 64% for the past 48 hours into consideration.

Wrapped NXM (WNXM)

The NXM is the native token for the Nexus Mutual platform. However, this NXM could be used only within the Nexus Mutual platform and it couldn’t be traded elsewhere. 

In such terms, the WNXM functions as the tradable version of the NXM, enabling itself upon various crypto exchanges and platforms. 

The WNXM touched a whopping $77.57 price from a bottom of $56.81, consolidating to a rise of 20.02% over the past 24 to 48 hours.

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