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Agro Blockchain Proposed Listing of ADS in Q3 2021

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Agro blockchain Plc a global leader in cryptocurrency mining in London, U.K. that maintains a blockchain infrastructure. The company revealed the confidential proposal of submitting the draft registration statement form to the U.S Securities and Securities exchange commission (SEC). 

Agro’s Public Listing of ADS

To list the American Depositary Shares (ADS) in the third quarter 2021. In addition the blockchain company states it expects to sell all the shares of ADS.  The firm’s IPO went public in the U.S. in Q3 after receiving the legal approval from the commission. 

Moreover, the firm had just submitted the draft registration form to the SEC.  And the form is under the review process subject to market and other conditions and policies. Besides, the number of offerings and the price details are still pending further for regulatory access from the U.S securities. 

More so, being the largest bitcoin mining company, Agro is the latest to explore public listing in the U.S. markets. Thus, the proposal indicates it is a sign of the market’s increasing maturity. Additionally, the companies mostly look forward to list on the American Depositary Shares (ADS). Notably, this ADS is a tool which helps the public companies to reach its investors widely  in the U.S markets. 

Further, the Agro blockchain reports the investors that the trading process commences in Q3 2021. Therefore, all the initial public offerings (IPOs) are under the review process for the regulatory approval from the SEC.

Importantly, U.K listed Agro blockchain firm took this initiative to list the public offering of ADS in the U.S markets after the IPO listing of  vertically-integrated bitcoin mining, Greenidge Generation Holdings Inc. in March. Besides, Agro enhances many facilities to support its U.S investors to mint the digital currency mining. 

Therefore playing a global leadership role with sustainable blockchain infrastructure and bitcoin mining farm, Agro blockchain went public in U.S markets to expand its expectations and facilities for its investors. 

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