ADA Strengthens Securities With RegTech Blockchain Via CoinFirm

ADA Strengthens Securities With RegTech Blockchain Via CoinFirm

Being the third top cryptocurrency accounts for numerous efforts throughout in order to maintain the same position. In spite of this, the expectations are extremely high for the Cardano (ADA). As many speculate and predict that Ethereum (ETH) will take the position of Bitcoin (BTC), likewise ADA is all set to take the place of ETH. 

With such high responsibilities, ADA now integrates itself with CoinFirm in order use its services to provide seamless security throughout the platform. In addition, they look forward to improving their blockchain platform with the help of CoinFirm.

The Partnership

Besides being quite a strategic move and well-appreciated tactic, the partnership with CoinFirm has been officially confirmed by the Cardano Foundation. The Cardano Foundation is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency organization based in Switzerland. In addition, the sole goal of the Cardano Foundation is to ensure maximum secureness and standardness for the Cardano (ADA) platform. 

In spite of this, the Cardano Foundation now collaborates with  CoinFirm, a leading blockchain services provider firm. Accordingly, it’s said that CoinFirm will provide services based on blockchain analytics and regulatory technology solutions for Cardano. This aims to improvise and strengthen the security of ADA’s blockchain platform, including developing the platform’s blockchain technology much further. 

Furthermore, CoinFirm will be providing ADA with futuristic analytics such as the AML/CFT for ADA. In addition, this will ensure that the ADA platform will be able to satisfy all the rules and regulations set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Also, with CoinFirm, the ADA platform will clear most of the international regulations along with the 6AMLD too. 

Views of the Heads

Moreover, on behalf of this epic partnership, the Technical Integrations Head of Cardano Foundation, Mel McCann states that the AML/CFT analytics is extremely vital for a cryptocurrency to withstand profusely globally amidst all regulations. In addition, McCann continues that with this new partnership with CoinFirm, their services will help in having a history database of all the ADA irrespective of the exchange or the crypto wallets they are in. 

Accordingly, McCann expresses that they are overwhelmed with this new partnership with CoinFirm, which aims to propel the ADA blockchain to new heights. 

In spite of all this, the Marketing head of CoinFirm, Sachin Dutta states that they are extremely excited about lending their services to such a prominent cryptocurrency in the market. Also, he states with the AML at ADA’s service, will make sure that no illegal transactions are being made with ADA. This is to the fact that all ADA could be tracked easily by their blockchain services.

Therefore, this is highly evident news that Cardano (ADA) aspires for much more than just being a prominent cryptocurrency and also a topper among the blockchain industry too.

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