AAX Announces Listing of MOLA Token with Prize Pool of 13 Million MOLA

AAX Announces Listing of MOLA Token with Prize Pool of 13 Million MOLA

The latest project that is about to be listed on the prominent AAX platform is the Moonlana. The symbol is MOLA. It’s a meme token based on Solana. The project makes use of Solana’s capabilities to create tools and contribute to the ecosystem. Their first tool is a robust Solana onchain tipbot that aids in building community bonds.

Users of AAX will be able to grab the MOLA token after the listing. The details of the listing on the AAX platform are mentioned below.

  • AAX will list Moonlana (MOLA) at the following time:
  • Deposition available on 10:00 on Dec. 02, 2021 (UTC)
  • Withdrawal available on 10:00 on Dec. 02, 2021 (UTC)
  • Trading available on 10:00 on Dec. 03, 2021 (UTC)
  • Trading pairs: MOLA/USDT

AAX has further announced exciting events to reward its users while celebrating the listing of the MOLA token. The detail of the events and rewards are mentioned below:

Event period: 10:00 on Dec. 02, 2021-10:00 on Dec. 08, 2021 (UTC)

Event One: Deposit MOLA and Share 2 Million MOLA

Customers who deposit MOLA in AAX from external addresses may get 3,000 MOLA instantly during the activity, whether it is deposit or withdrawal does not matter in these internal transactions. The prize pool is 2 million MOLA. Users will be rewarded in time sequence. A fair play, 1st comes 1st serve concept has been declared. Furthermore, KYC1 completed participants will get twice airdrop gifts.

Event Two: Trade MOLA and Share 3 Million MOLA

Trading MOLA with a net acquired amount, which can include purchased amount or sold, greater or equal to 350,000 MOLA and ranking in the top 100, have the chance to win and share the 3 million MOLA prize pool.

Event Three: Participant Needs to Subscribe to Savings and Share 8 Million MOLA

During the contest, users who subscribe to MOLA fixed savings for 400000 MOLA or more get 5 AAB instantly. This is limited to once per person.

Furthermore, users whose daily AAB holding amount is higher than or equal to 500 AAB throughout the activity are eligible to share the 8 million MOLA reward if the aggregate of set savings subscription amounts in any BTC, ETH, USDT, or USDC token satisfies the following requirements.

The rewards will be distributed according to the amount of time necessary to fulfill the savings goals. The fair-play, first-come, first-served principle will be observed once again. Furthermore, the rewards are not stackable.

Activity Rules:

  1. If any cheating activities such as click farming or bulk registration of vice accounts are discovered during the event, AAX may revoke the qualifying and freeze the account.
  2. AAX will alter the token type, interest rate, and minimum and maximum subscription amount according to market conditions and risk.
  3. After the activity, the winning users’ spot accounts will be credited within seven working days. Log in to check out.

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