A Secret BSC Bridge Has Been Launched on the Main-net

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A cross chain bridge that optimizes tokens to be more privacy focused has been launched on the Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) main-net. 

The launch of the bridge was announced through a blog post by the Secret Network. The bridge allows BEP-20 tokens to be bridged with the Secret Network and create a “secret token” version. The Secret bridge has been live on the Ethereum mainnet since last december. Converting ERC-20 tokens to secret tokens, now the same functionality is being replicated in BEP-20. 

Secret Tokens on BSC

The primary lists of the tokens have also been released by the company which includes. ETH, BNB, ADA, DOGE, USDT, XRP, USDC, DOT, LTC, BCH, BUSD, LINK, CAKE, TRX, XVS, BAKE, FINE and LINA. The secret network would also allow yield farming opportunities on its network. The whole ecosystem for yield farming is built on the “secret DeFi” concept. 

Along with the bridging capability the Secret Network also has its own DEX called SecretSwap. SecretSwap helps in providing liquidity and trading security tokens on the network. The DEX is growing, currently the liquidity on the DEX is $33 million, and it has surpassed $200 million in cumulative volume as well. 

The company is also trying to add more and more users on the platform. With more users the company would be able to provide better privacy as well as experience to its users. The company is standing behind their privacy features and technology and are confident that one day it will be the biggest privacy token platform on the planet.

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