Mystical Whale Holds Worth $15 Billion of Dogecoin

A Mystical Whale Holds Worth $15 Billion of Dogecoin
  • The mystic whale now holds 36.7 billion Dogecoins.
  • They purchased 420.6899 more coins on Thursday.
  • Even crypto experts are not sure about the whale’s exact identity.

A mystical whale is the largest Dogecoin holder in the world, it holds around 36.7 Billion of Dogecoins worth $14.7 Billion.

According to blockchain data, they purchased 420.6899 more Dogecoins worth $192 on Thursday. Whereas this number “420” is relatable to meme joke: refers to ‘cannabis’ culture.

Moreover, this whale now holds about 28% of the total Dogecoins in circulation. There is a lot of controversy about who is behind this Doge wallet. Even crypto experts are not sure about the whale’s exact identity whether an individual, group of persons or a trading firm.

However, they have two characteristics: on one hand, it is publicly seen that they are extremely rich to invest millions of dollars and on the other hand, they are too much interested in today’s memes.

Why Not Elon Musk?

Some users of reddit suggest Elon Musk’s name as he has both characteristics, money and love memes. Besiders with other reports, it is noted that there are 3 transactions in the whale’s wallet that add 28.061971 Dogecoins each. It probably refers to the birthdate of Elon Musk, June 28, 1971.

In addition, Musk has previously stated that DOGE would go to the moon, moreover, he has purchased some dogecoins for his younger child. Also he accepts Dogecoin for the SpaceX mission as payment.

Additionally, this concept of hiding their identity with this enormous wealth sounds intriguing, but it isn’t good for the crypto-market. If a large portion of a cryptocurrency is in the hands of a single person, it is not good for the coin’s financial health.

If Thursday’s response to a tweet is any indication, he’s not selling the dogecoin either. “To be clear, I don’t believe Elon will ever sell any of his Doge holdings. He’s the ultimate hodler,” said Dave Lee, a well-known Tesla investor on Twitter, in a tweet on Thursday.

Eventhough, the largest dogecoin holder is still in disguise, every dogecoin holders are getting richer. Following Elon’s tweet on Thursday, the coin pumped 10% shortly.

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