$1 Billion in Total Sales Hit By CryptoPunks NFT

$1 Billion in Total Sales Hit By CryptoPunks NFT

On Saturday, August 28, $1 billion in all-time sales of the non-fungible token (NFT) project Cryptopunks were surpassed. Furthermore, Cryptopunks are joining the Axie Infinity $1.6 billion heavyweight NFT hitters and Opensea $3.53 billion.

The Cryptopunks non-fungible project is now a billion-dollar collection of NFT, as figures indicate all-time sales of 1.095 billion dollars, according to dappradar.com data. Also, Cryptopunks has a set of records on the “top sales” page on dappradar.com concerning NFT sales.

Cryptopunks Behind Opensea and Axie Infinity

Cryptopunk #8888, which sold for 888.8 ether or 2.87 million dollars, is the most significant sales shown on August 28. There’s also Cryptopunk #9373 sold at the ETH exchange rates on Saturday for 499.99 Ether, or around $1.63 million at the time of sale.

Now when In terms of overall sales, it trails to Opensea ($3.54 billion) and Axie Infinity ($1.68 billion). Cryptopunk #2310 sold for 1.23 million dollars or 380 ETH, Cryptopunk #9100 for 350 Ether or 1.14 million, and Cryptopunk #7674 for 342.69 Ether or 1.11 million sales on Saturday afternoons (ET).

According to market data from nonfungible.com, Cryptopunk is slightly behind Art blocks in terms of sales this week. While Art blocks recorded 24,454 transactions totaling $228 million, Cryptopunk’s seven-day statistics showed just 686 sales and $173 million settled.

10,000 Cryptopunks mined, and 2.888 unique wallets now have at least one Cryptopunk NFT today. A company owns 254 punks and at least two Cryptopunks owned by 75% of punk owners. Seven-day sales of the project soared 750%, and Cryptopunks recorded $144.605 million in revenues from 343 traders.

With respect to all-time revenues, the $1.095 billion of Cryptopunks is far above the other dappradar.com projects. On August 28, NBA Top Shot had 671 million dollars in total sales, Rarible had 197 million dollars, and SupeRrare had 103 million dollars.

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