Zoidpay To Incorporate FET Following Partnership With Fetch.ai, Offers a 5% Cash Back

ZoidPay, a provider allowing crypto holders to pay for goods and services using their digital assets, and Fetch.ai, an open-source, high throughput Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning blockchain, are joining hands.

In a press release, ZoidPay will integrate FET—the native token of Fetch.ai—and help drive the coin towards mass adoption, aligning with the blockchain platform’s medium-term plans. At the same time, the partnership will also see ZoidPay extend its market share and deepen its liquidity provision solutions to FET holders comprising developers, investors, supporters, and more.

With integration in ZoidPay, FET users would instantly pay for goods and services on popular platforms such as Skyscanner, Airbnb, eBay, Amazon, and over 100 million retailers across the globe accepting Visa. Subsequently, the CEO of Fetch.ai sees this as a grand opportunity that would accelerate the mass adoption of FET.

“We are enabling FET token holders the means to use their FET token as a mode of payment wherever they wish to. With our plans to launch many consumer-facing applications this year, this partnership with ZoidPay will help fetch.ai achieve mass adoption for FET tokens, as token holders will be able to pay in FET for a range of services we plan to release this year. We are looking forward to working with the ZoidPay team and bringing forward more utility for FET holders.”

Partnership with Fetch.ai “exciting”

Eduard Oneci said the partnership would be exciting and fitting. ZoidPay would extend its offerings to the Fetch.ai expansive ecosystem.

“Fetch.ai has been focussing on enabling mass adoption of its FET token. When the team at Fetch.ai approached us recently to discuss potential liquidity solutions, the ZoidPay Chrome Extension was a natural fit. The FET token can now be used as a mode of payment across over 100 million online retailers. I’ve been following Fetch.ai for a long time and have been really excited about what it’s achieved in a very short time span. I look forward to working with the Fetch.ai team and bringing newer and innovative liquidity solutions to their platform.”

The ZoidPay Chrome browser plugin can be downloaded and installed by SEPA residents. However, from April 2022, the team plans to open up access to their global fan base and crypto holders. Cryptocurrencies are cash alternatives and can be a mode of payment enabling low-fee, borderless, and instant settlement. ZoidPay will offer a five percent Cashback for every FET purchase credited to a user’s account in ZoidPay’s native token, ZPAY.

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