Yupana.Finance: Tezos’s First Lending Protocol Released by Madfish

Yupana.Finance: Tezos’s First Lending Protocol Released by Madfish

The open-source, decentralized, non-custodial lending protocol Yupana.Finance just made the long-awaited announcement that it is bringing the advantages of a credit protocol to the Tezos community. Similar to other DeFi ecosystems, Tezos users may now borrow, lend, and get rewards.

Tezos’s First Comprehensive Lending Protocol

Yupana is already deployed on the Tezos mainnet after developers at Madfish conducted thorough testing with the support of the community. Anyone may now make use of the decentralized money market protocols by interacting with the lending protocol’s tools inside the Tezos ecosystem.

Borrowers may undertake collateralized loans while lenders offer liquidity and gain passive income via Yupana. Thus, liquidators have an incentive to unwind insufficient collateral if the platform is to continue operating normally.

Sophia Gorban, the Yupana.Finance product owner stated:

“We’ve worked hard to provide a full-fledged liquidity protocol and I hope that users will enjoy a new level of experience inside the Tezos DeFi ecosystem, which has now become complete and comprehensive.”  

Yupana now supports TEZ, cTEZ, kUSD, tzBTC, uUSD, and uBTC, with APY dependent on the asset’s current market value.

How to Start

Exploring for the advanced user Yupana. Finance is an easy-to-use alternative to popular budgeting apps like Aave and Compound. The documentation includes a more in-depth explanation of Yupana’s features and instructions on how to get started. Anyone interested in trying out the first loan protocol in the Tezos ecosystem may do so by following this link.

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