Yuga Labs Unveils the Skill-Based NFT Game “Dookey Dash”

  • Yuga Labs intends to develop the NFT ecosystem with the launch of a new game.
  • Dookey Dash will launch on January 18. 

Yuga Labs, a leading blockchain firm and creator of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT collection, has developed a new initiative. According to a recent announcement from the BAYC platform, Yuga Labs is launching “Dookey Dash,” a skill-based NFT game with the specialty of a free mint. 

With the new move, Yuga Labs intends to develop the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem.

Features of Dookey Dash

In a tweet thread, BAYC, the leading NFT collection platform, has disclosed further information regarding Dookey Dash. According to BAYC, the game will launch on January 18. The audience requires a kind of NFT called a “sewer pass” to enter Dookey Dash, and the free pass claim will begin on January 17. However, only BAYC or MAYC holders can access sewer passes. 

BAYC tweeted:

Both the Sewer Pass claim and the skill-based Dookey Dash will close on February 8th. You get unlimited plays, but play at least once and score more than 0 to validate your sewer pass. On February 15th, validated Sewer Passes will be eligible to transform into a mysterious new power source.

The players can stay on the leaderboard until the specified date without being subject to any time restrictions. After the limited-time event, prizes will be awarded based on scores. 

Moreover, BAYC has made the announcement in a humorous and mysterious way. According to their statement, “Gary the Dog” is “The Watcher” of the sewers who will summon power sources based on game scores that are affiliated with player passes.

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