YouTube to Bang With New NFT Features!

YouTube to Bang With New NFT Features!
  • YouTube CEO confirms NFT features upon the platform soon.
  • YouTube to focus specifically upon Web3. 
  • CEO terms the platform is looking profusely for new ways to mint money for the creators.

As many media giants are stepping onto the Non Fungible Token (NFT) platform adversely, the big daddy YouTube finally steps into the NFT sector. The NFT industry is expanding much rapidly compared to all other attributes of the blockchain ecosystem. For any stream industry especially those in media, obviously adopting NFTs is currently the best possible way for surviving the future. 

In such terms, the CEO of YouTube, officially announces the news and the platform’s future plans. Being the most prominent media creator sector currently, YouTube is profusely looking at ways to engage the creators with making money by all means possible. Accordingly, the decision on adopting the NFT into the streaming platform, does play a big deal.

The CEO’s Views

The CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki announced officially in a letter on January 25, 2022. In the letter the CEO has listed out all the future plans for the media streaming platform and their goals towards the future. 

In spite of this, the CEO terms that the platform is completely traversing into the NFTs. With this, Susan Wojcicki states that completely new exciting NFT features will be available and incorporated upon the platform soon. However, she did not depict any other relatable information upon the NFT feature of YouTube. 

Obviously, to bring this into the platform, YouTube has to work together with certain blockchain and NFT platforms. But, none has been revealed yet and the CEO keeps all information regarding the NFT feature anonymous. 

Moreover, she terms that the platform is constantly looking on ways to mint money for the creators, other than just ads. Incorporating the new NFT technology would be one such futuristic step for the platform on such a basis, exclaims the CEO. 

Furthermore, Wojcicki states that as the future will be completely based on Web3, YouTube will be also indulging in Web3. Soon YouTube will be completely capitalizing itself in Web3 on the overall. 

Similarly, one of the major media opponents of YouTube, Twitter too recently announced their new strategic NFT incorporation. Twitter will be devising all NFT pages with special hexagonal depiction upon their user profile image, promoting NFTs largely. 

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