YGG Blockchain Gaming Tokens Sell $12.5M in 31 Seconds!

YGG Blockchain Gaming Tokens Sell $12.5M in 31 Seconds!

The recent trend and takeover upon the cryptocurrency industry at present is blockchain gaming. It’s taking over the industry at an extremely rapid pace. Backed up with other attributes like NFTs and Defi, blockchain gaming is all set to revolutionize both the future gaming and the crypto industry.

Upon such a thriving stream of crypto, the Philippines-based blockchain gaming platform, Yield Guild has established an amazing record in the history of blockchain gaming so far.

$12.5M in Just 31 Seconds

Among the blockchain gaming as well as the whole crypto sector, the Philippines-based blockchain gaming platform ‘Yield Guild’, made a record, achieved by none upon the blockchain gaming sector so far.

The Yield Guild Games (YGG) took to the highlights by selling off about 25 million of its native token, the YGG tokens. This accounts for about $12.5 million in overall sales. However, the epic was that all these 25 million tokens were sold off within just 3 seconds of its launch.

In spite of this YGG is now all set to start its own autonomous decentralized firm. Moreover, the YGG plans to spread its YGG tokens by distributing them through various airdrops for its community members profusely. 

In addition to this, about 45% of its total of 1 billion tokens will be set aside for the community members. Also, this will be distributed to them over the span of the next 4 years. 

On the other hand, 40% will be in reserve for the founders along with major investors of YGG. And, the remaining 15% goes to the company treasury as the company’s assets. 

YGG’s Views Towards Future

The YGG being a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) platform for carrying out and incorporating non-fungible tokens (NFT) upon blockchain-based games. The sole aim and goal of YGG are to become the world’s most largest and prominent DAO platform with acquiring and developing digital assets. 

In spite of this, YGG has partnered with many prominent and highly played games like Guild of Guardians, The Sandbox, Zed Run, Axie Infinity, and much more.

Besides, YGG turns in money by either selling or renting the NFTs and also its tradings which are all based upon all its incorporated games. Also, certain NFTs are based upon various characters who are in their games.

However, YGG sticks to its propaganda that such digital and virtual-based NFTs will become even more valuable in the long run than NFTs which are actually based on real-world physical elements.

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