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XRP Slumps 2.5%; Yet Adds 1200 Accounts In a Day

XRP Slumps 2.5%; Yet Adds 1200 Accounts In a Day Altcoin News
  • So far, there are 3.2M XRP accounts exist in the crypto market. 
  • XRP drops by 2.15% compared to the previous day.

Ripple, the open-source blockchain payment protocol that skyrocketed the whole crypto market with its win over the SEC, is once again making headlines with remarkable new additions, buzzing across social platforms.

It is noted that XRP has enlisted around 3.2 million accounts so far till July 25th of the year 2023. Also, the average count of XRP tokens in each wallet falls to 12,350.86. Last week, the XRP traders stepped back, leading to a drop in the trading volume by 44%.

But today, the participation of investors involved in trading has increased. However, this gives an average of about 1,166 newer accounts on a daily basis. Hence, it drew a linear line prolonging over time being upward. 

XRP’s Activity Status

Recently, Coinbase relisted XRP again once the case against SEC. As of July, XRP is quite active. Nevertheless, the engagement of distribution has crossed nearly 48 billion. Overall, the distributed XRP counts 47.9% and the rest is around 52.1% with respect to July month. 

According to CoinMarketCap, the current market price of XRP is fallen by 2.5% which ranges to $0.7054. And, the crypto investors are held in the active status of trading XRP which reports an increase of 31.59% in trading volume; ranking 7th position.

XRP 24H Price Chart (Source: CoinMarketCap

Yet, the price chart of the last 24 hours drifts down reflecting a red signal. Countably, the maximum supply of XRP ranges to 100B tokens whereas the circulating supply just matches 52.69% of its overall supply in the crypto market. 

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