XinFin’s First Metaverse Platform Metabloqs Is Advancing to its Next Phase

XinFin's First Metaverse Platform Metabloqs Is Advancing to its Next Phase

Metabloqs, the first Swiss metaverse built on the XinFin blockchain network has created hype since its launch with more than 300k users. The real-world replication of original cities as “Meta-cities”, and the revenue opportunity via decentralized trusted economy have drawn attention towards the metaverse project.

In the Q3 of 2022, the beta version of the platform was launched to the first 5000 users. The city of culture, light, and art, Paris was recreated as the initial Metacity of Metabloqs. Beta-users were given the opportunity to explore the 7th arrondissement while enjoying the beauty of the Eiffel Tower area.

The seed round token sale for the native token, BLOQS is going to hit the market soon. The seed round sale constitutes 5% of the whole BLOQS. Functionalities of the BLOQS include the means of payment and access to any of the platform’s functionalities. 

The initial version of the Metabloqs was compatible with only limited configurations. Opportunely, now the development team has pipelined the updates in the metaverse. The enhancements have been made both ways, technical as well as capacity-wise. Metabloqs team is very soon planning to open the virtual platform for 300,000 users with additional features.

Megha Shrestha, CEO, and Co-founder of Metabloqs mentioned:

“The metaverse enhancements are all outcomes of the feedback from the 5K Meta-citizens, and Metabloqs will always welcome constructive comments for improvement from its users.”

All prior build features, including Windows PC, Mac, and WebGL build compatibility, are included in a new and optimized 3D high-quality graphics metaverse. Alongside the anticipation of the visual expansion, Meta-Paris’s Avenue des Champs-Élysées and the meta-shopping district is lined up as the upcoming extension. 

About Metabloqs

As the first-ever Swiss-based metaverse built on XinFin XDC Network, Metabloqs comes loaded with top-notch graphics, realistic real-world cities, individual identities, and much more. 

Metabloqs is positioned to become the trusted metaverse of choice for business, finance, education, and entertainment. The platform will be based in real-world locations, beginning with one of the most iconic cities of all, Paris. Participants are encouraged to use their real identities, while an efficient KYC process and clear code of conduct will ensure a safe and compliant environment for everyone.

Metabloqs enables collaboration, learning, interaction, and networking in an environment of trust for users. For brands, businesses, and educational bodies, it offers a one-stop solution to build a presence in the metaverse.

For any enquiries, please reach out to [email protected].

Contact Details 
Megha Shrestha
Co-Founder & CEO at Metabloqs
Weggis, Lucerne, Switzerland 

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