WOWS Partners With NFY & MIMIR Solutions Corporation

WOWS Partners With NFY & MIMIR Solutions Corporation
  • WOWS announce the strategic partnership with NFY & MIMIR
  • MIMIR owned by its four shareholders that own NFY and Cyotee.
  • WOWS and NFY will actively cross-collaborate on new projects.

Groundbreaking C-Folio NFT-DeFi protocol Wolves of Wall Street (WOWS) are delighted to announce the formation of their most important strategic partnership with and their owners MIMIR SOLUTIONS CORPORATION.

A common history shared by NFY and WOWS as both founders have earlier collaborated with each other’s protocols. The branding designed by the project leads of WOWS, Tristan Vert, and the soft audit on the code to assist WOWS in their initial token launch formed by the JeffX from NFY and UI/UX that helped launch

Moreover, their development paths share collaborative ideas such as using NFTs (for NFY) and SFTs (for WOWS). To create wrapping containers that can hold LP value and other Safex Token (SFT) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) assets.

Wolves Of Wall Street (WOWS)

A project focused on innovating in the DeFi/NFT (non-fungible tokens) space by focusing on solid farming is the Wolves Of Wall Street (WOWS). WOWS brings gamification to sit on top of these innovative use. WOWS is a team of five professionals, who are non-anon specialists in their field.

Tristant, CEO of WOWS said,

We are happy to align ourselves with brilliant creative minds who are unfettered by constraints of what is possible and achievable. We hope to bring our unique take on DeFi, our SFT’s and add value to the MIMIR alliance.

Henceforth, MIMIR SOLUTIONS CORPORATION owned by its four shareholders that own NFY and Cyotee Doge the well-known developer has healed it. In the DeFi and blockchain scenes MIMIR fast positioning itself as a major player.

And also just announced as an official collaborative partner of the Geometric Space Crop. Moreover, in July 2022 the infamous Dogecoin Cubesat Space X will launch.

Furthermore, under the MIMIR brand, WOWS and NFY will actively cross collaborate on new projects. Cyotee and MIMIR Developers will help push through certain new features on the WOWS platform. To create some shared token pools whilst also works together with the WOWS team. The lead players in MIMIR namely Cyotee, Jeffex, Halsey, and the Beard of Justice. Creating Wolves / Bois SFT C-folios with special earning powers to buy on the WOWS platform, that will represent the lead players in MIMIR to help celebrate the alliance.

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