World’s Tallest Residential Tower Accepts Crypto Payments

World’s Tallest Residential Tower Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Accepts Crypto Payments!
  • Mega project Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co tower takes off.
  • Once completed it will become the world’s tallest residential tower.  
  • Accepts crypto as means of payments for buying apartments.

The United Arab Emirates, especially the emirate of Dubai, never fails to astonish the whole world. Indeed, the emirate always seeks to bring attention from the entire world, by all means possible. From the world’s tallest building or man-made structure, the Burj Khalifa to the world’s deepest pool ever, all is in only one destination, Dubai. 

No wonder, why the entire world look at the Middle East nation in such ‘awe’! In such terms, the in an aim to seek more attention, Dubai has now started off with the project of getting to life, the world’s tallest residential building. Yet, the fore-main highlight here is that crypto terms of payments are accepted for buying an apartment in this structure. 

Why Crypto for the World’s Tallest Residential Building?

True to the words, Dubai has started off with the massive project, the Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Tower, which ought to be a residential tower. Once completed, this tower will steal the title of  ‘Tallest residential tower in the world’ from New York’s Central Park Tower.  

The construction of this tower will be by the partnership of one of Dubai’s most prominent developer’s ‘the Binghatti group’, along with the most luxurious watch brands of the world, ‘Jacob & Co.

 The construction of this massive structure started in November, 2022. However, the exact height of the entire building is still quite a question, as estimators say and plan to be above 500 meters. Yte, only upon completion will we get to know the actual. 

Moreover, the Binghatti group along with Jacob & Co has decided to accept crypto means of payments for clients to buy the luxurious apartments in this residential tower. This is such a master classic stroke, in order to attract more foreign investments, as well as clients to buy these luxurious apartments. 

Though further information regarding this subject has not been revealed yet, it’s 100% sure that they will be accepting the Bitcoin (BTC), and the Ethereum (ETH), owing to their standards. Sadly, there is no further information upon what all cryptos will be accepted, and through which crypto exchanges, all remains unanswered!

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