Why is XDC Network Inevitable for the Blockchain Industry?

XDC Network (XDC): Gained the Most This Week

1) XinFin XDC Network has (essentially) many live applications.

XinFin built a global network that links users to marketplaces featuring decentralized applications (dApps). These dApps, moreover, exude unparalleled efficiency, security, and user control. In addition, it also has easier mechanisms compared to other networks like Ethereum, making its users smoothly and quickly build applications on top of XDC.  In fact, these advantages made it known as “Ethereum-killer” because compared to Ethereum, XinFin is better in many aspects like it’s quicker in transaction speed and near-zero gas fees.

XinFin has a lot of use cases. The first is StorX — a distributed cloud storage that is powered by XinFin. This cloud storage network empowers users to store data securely and safely on the cloud. Next is Plugin — a decentralized oracle platform. This offers cost-effective solutions for any smart contract built on the XinFin ecosystem. Additionally, the Plugin collects data from several external sources, gathers them, and ensures that the values provided to its users are always correct.

Another is LedgerMail — it is the world’s first decentralized email service that has the power of blockchain and XDPoS consensus, as well as cryptographic algorithms and zero trust mechanism. It operates on the XinFin Network. Adding to the use cases, XinFin and Butterfly Protocol announced before that the Butterfly Protocol blockchain domain system will be used on a XinFin blockchain-specific domain system as well.

To add on, there’s WadzPay, a prominent blockchain-based payments platform that partnered with XinFin. XinFin will help Wadzpay to enhance its offerings in Trade Finance, as well as in its Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) products. XinFin has also partnered with Tradeteq to provide tokenized traded finance products to investors. Tradeteq is a technology provider for trade finance asset distribution. Moreover, Tradeteq’s platform enables originators to package trade finance products into standardized investments that can be bought and sold through private distribution networks.

Likewise, GLOBIANCE launched fiat pegged stablecoins (SGDG and EURG) on XinFin Network. The stablecoins were issued on XinFin to leverage the speed, near-zero gas fees, as well as 2-sec transaction time. Globiance is well set to release DEX for the XRC20 tokens deployed on XDC Network. Many other projects. 

Suffice to say, the myriad of use cases of XinFin has proved its advantageous solutions to different sectors.

2) XinFin XDC Network is undervalued.

XDC Network is an enterprise-ready hybrid Blockchain technology company optimized for international trade and finance. The XDC protocol is architected to support smart contracts, 2000TPS, 2seconds of transaction time, KYC to Masternodes (Validator Nodes). Xinfin is the first blockchain company to join the TFD initiative. Xinfin will also be fully interoperable with the ISO20022 standard: https://xinfin.org/ISO20022. The XDC network can be applied to a variety of use cases such as asset valuation and financing, resource monitoring, highly audited standardized contracts. The network also may have applications in the trading of smart contacts, and many other applications that take advantage of the benefits of smart contracts and interoperability offered by its hybrid-blockchain paradigm.
There are more than 100 institutions and individuals participating on the network with a total of 1.96 billion XDC being staked in the network and more than 676,500 Wallets with an XDC balance in use and 533 smart contracts deployed on XDC Network as per the data available on XDC.Network. XinFin is one of the fastest-growing ecosystems in the blockchain technology space. 

3) All projects on XDC Network are independent and open source.

XDC Network is an open-source platform that welcomes independent projects on the network. 

There are 20+ independent projects running actively with innovative ideas in connecting the globe through the platforms. There is the continuous deployment of new projects on the XDC Network due to the multiple advantages of the network over the traditional ETH network. 

4) XDC Network’s partnerships are overwhelming. 

XinFin’s XDC Network – The First Blockchain Company To Join The Global TFD Initiative. TFD Initiative provides the most comprehensive set of trade distribution capabilities. XinFin’s XDC Network on TFD Initiative enables to bridge the US$19 trillion trade finance asset class with any type of funder through tokenization and digital assets.

5) XDC Network’s development progress is Excellent.

Two years after launching in 2019 XDC has smartcontract functionality. XDC Network has grown with many projects deployed on XDC Network as the network is EVM compatible and easy to deploy ethereum based projects on XinFin XDC Network. Recently, XinFin XDC Network has Successfully Launched a Futuristic Andromeda Upgrade. The innovative upgrade is built upon the advanced BFT consensus protocol, it ensures the XDC network with a superpower of military-grade security. Also, the active performances in the network consume low resources through the fully backward incompatible feature in terms of APIs. Thus, leading the XDC network to wave its flag high in its future evolution.

6) XinFin XDC Network has a long-term investor base.

Using IntoTheBlock’s definition of long-term (longer than one year), more than 75% of XinFin holders are long-term holders compared to 63% for Ethereum. There is no doubt as a huge inflow in the XDC Network supporters invested in the recent months. 


Withstanding the above, we are impressed with the impact of XDC Network’s marketing efforts by their own community on twitter, linkedin, Telegram, Reddit and we are working to incorporate the quantitative impact of speculation within our broader valuation methodology.

While XDC Network is investable for us, many have earned tremendous returns from its price action of 1000%+ since last year.

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