Whales Purchase Over 200 Million XRP as Market Rebounds

Whales Move Over 400 Million XRP Following Price Surge
  • Ripple revealed a new partnership with ProprHome in a recent post.
  • More than 225 million XRP tokens have been traded on and off of crypto exchanges.

The price of XRP, Ripple’s native token, increased by almost 6% on Wednesday as the cryptocurrency market as a whole saw a wide rebound. On the XRP ledger, Ripple did, however, issue a report regarding real estate NFTs. It’s for this reason that crypto whales have been stocking up on XRP coins recently, just as their value has been rising rapidly.

More than 225 million XRP tokens have been traded on and off of cryptocurrency exchanges by “crypto whales,” according to statistics supplied by WhaleAlert. Amid heightened volatility in the crypto market, whales have amassed more than 165 million XRP tokens in the previous 24 hours. The entire worth of the whale collection is around $61 million.

Whales Making Huge Profits

The greatest whale hoard from the Bitstamp crypto market, however, is worth over $20.3 million according to the tracker. More than 96 million XRP, now nearing $35.6 million in value, have been acquired by these whales from the same exchange.

There were reports earlier that the crypto whale had traded more than 351 million XRP as the price of XRP dropped. According to the numbers, the biggest whale transferred almost 60 million XRP (approximately worth $22.3 million) from the unknown wallet to the cryptocurrency exchange. There is a good chance the whale is attempting to make a profit with this action.

In a blog post, Ripple revealed a new partnership with ProprHome, the latter of which would use the XPR Ledger to issue and distribute NFTs. Possession of real estate shall be represented by these NFTs. The Portuguese real estate market will benefit from the company’s increased transparency and productivity.

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