Whale Alert: 99,999,998 TRX Transferred From Binance to Unknown Wallet

  • On Wednesday, March 9, 2022, the transaction was completed at 13:35:12 UTC.
  • TRON has been up 2.27% in the last 24 hours.

TRON is a blockchain-based operating system that aims to make blockchain technology more accessible to people in their daily lives by making it more user-friendly. Compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which can handle up to six transactions per second, and Ethereum, which can handle up to 25, TRON promises that its network can handle 2,000 transactions per second. Whale Alert gathers information from various blockchains and consolidates it into a single repository. These databases are then updated regularly with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI).

Whale Alert

Particularly noteworthy is that an anonymous whale transferred a significant amount of TRON from Binance to another anonymous wallet. According to Whale Alert, a blockchain research and monitoring company, it was estimated to be worth $6,111,560 USD when this transaction took place. The Whale Alert website was one of the first to draw notice to this cryptocurrency development in the first place. On Wednesday, March 9, 2022, the transaction was successfully completed at 13:35:12 UTC.

Whale Alert tweeted :

“99,999,998 #TRX (6,111,560 USD) transferred from #Binance to unknown wallet”

According to CoinMarketCap, TRON price today is $0.061690 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,111,839,510 USD. TRON has been up 2.27% in the last 24 hours. According to the blockchain, TRX became the world’s fastest-growing public blockchain on March 4, when it reached more than 80 million total accounts and 2.9 billion total transactions.

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