Whale Alert: 18,972,523 XRP Transferred From Binance to Unknown Wallet

Over 500 Million XRP Bought by Whales Post Amicus Brief Grant
  • The Whale Alert crypto tracker discovered another huge XRP transfer. 
  • According to Bithomp, the transaction was started from the Ripple wallet RL18-VN.

Since the beginning of February, the transfer activity in the crypto industry has risen sharply since whales have begun to move in large quantities. On 23 February, over 8,972,523 XRP was transferred from Binance to unidentified wallets. An analysis of the Whale Alert data suggests that the transfer occurred on 23 February 2022 at 07:49:10 UTC. There was a total of $ 13,717,909 USD worth of transactions made.

Increased XRP Whale Transfers 

Earlier afternoon, the Whale Alert crypto tracker discovered another huge XRP transfer. Coins.ph, a cryptocurrency trading platform headquartered in the Philippines, received a payment of $14,297,008 from an unidentified individual or organization. It’s a Ripple ODL partner; thus, it’s one of those crypto exchanges. According to Bithomp’s data, the transaction was started from the Ripple wallet RL18-VN, publicly disclosed. The Ripple-affiliated tokens are often sent outside of Ripple to be sold on exchanges, sent to corporate clients, or deposited in a cryptocurrency custody service like BitGo.

Coinbase exchange sent a total of 88.6 million XRP a week ago. Some members of the XRP Army took this to mean that the platform was getting ready to allow XRP trade again after it was banned in December 2021. A significant legal lawsuit against Ripple Labs and two of its most senior employees, Brad Garlinghouse and Christopher Larsen, sparked the SEC to ban the firm.

From $0.67773 to $0.74015, Ripple-affiliated cryptocurrency XRP has gained 9.21 percent in the last 24 hours. Before then, the bears were able to drive the coin price down by 14.80 percent, from $0.79607 to $0.67773.

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