Web3 Token-powered Social Platform Taki Puts an End to Waitlist

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  • Taki, a social network removed its waitlist system.
  • Taki launched its beta phase intending to improve user engagement.

Taki, a worldwide social network driven by cryptocurrency tokens, has announced the launch of the beta version, and the availability of the platform to its users. With the Beta launch, Taki’s community will have access to a variety of innovative and interesting features that will improve the user experience, safety, and transparency.

Also, the social network beta version removed its waitlist system which previously has an invitation to join the platform. Over half a million new eager users who have been on the waitlist now will receive gradual access from Taki and interested people can now freely explore and sign up on the website.

More Rewards For Taki Users 

Taki launched its beta phase to improve user engagement using social gaming techniques where users can win extra rewards in the form of $TAKI by finishing some routine everyday tasks. Users will also be able to monitor the performance of their coin and the current state of the other $USERCOINS they have purchased.

The engage-to-earn social network Taki rewards users with a stake in the network itself to improve communities. Taki is providing users the chance to own their particular chosen $UCOIN (Usercoin), an asset that can be purchased and sold using the $TAKI token, which is a monetary reflection of a user’s social network. 

Once a specific person validates them on the platform, a $USERCOIN will be generated for them. So far, over 56,779 different user coins have been created. These $UCOINS can then be converted into $TAKI tokens, which can then be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges to generate revenue for users.

Furthermore, Taki has received $3.45 million in early funding from 11 prominent global investors. Major cryptocurrency exchanges and investors including Alameda Research, CoinDCX, Coinbase Ventures, Gemini Frontier Fund, Huobi Ventures, Luno Expeditions, and Solana Ventures participated in the round.

Compared to other social networking sites, Taki encourages more ownership and interaction with content creators since even the most fundamental platform activities. 

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