Web3 games to Android: Aeria Canada Joined With Ready Games

Web3 games to Android: Aeria Canada Joined With Ready Games
  • Rescue Robots-Sniper Survival will be the first game that moves to web3. 
  • Users would access ownership of NFT assets and tokens.

The global cryptocurrency market tumbled due to the FTX fallout but still, more exciting upgrades and events are happening in the web3 space, particularly in the game industry. Aeria, a well-known top-notch mobile games developer, is collaborating with Ready Games to shift its most popular games to web3. Result of the partnership, the famed Aeria games will be updated with web3 features and re-released for Android.

Aeria Games Canada is one of the top mobile publishers in North America, and currently, 14 of their games are available in app stores. Also, they have had 1 billion downloads overall and 2.5 million monthly active users. 

Rescue Robots: Sniper Survival

Rescue Robots-Sniper Survival will be the first game to make the move to web3. Also, it has amassed over 5 million downloads and about 250K monthly active players. The well-liked Aeria release will be expanded with in-game elements represented as NFTs since Ready Games’ experience adapting games for web3. 

Jorge Flores, General Manager of Aeria Canada said;

Aeria Canada is accelerating the entrance into web3 using Ready’s infrastructure. Our mobile game users will be introduced to web3 – giving them access to ownership of NFT assets and tokens, new rewards and incentives.

However, the transformation of the domain to web3 is completed. Beginning on December 1, 2022, Ready’s web3 player community would participate in beta testing. And the official global Android release is planned for January. As players progress through Rescue Robots, will be able to choose a variety of upgrade pathways, creating a secondary market for selling in-game goods.

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