WaterDrop (WDP) Listed on CoinMarketcap & CoinGecko


WaterDrop (WDP) is an Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized token platform. However, the WDP token is the native token of the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange “Water”. WDP has the same function as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

Moreover, the WDP token is an ERC-20 token. It is a governance and community-driven token. And its total supply is 3950. The platform successfully completed its pre-sale launch recently. Thereby, affording early investors the opportunity to get more tokens for less price.

WDP also promises to solve the decentralized problems faced by new users. Further, the platform started to work on developing Water decentralized exchange (DEX). By the first quarter of 2021, Water DEX will be developed and tested.

The platform also eliminates scams and rugs by making the KYC option mandatory. Project owners must do KYC for listings in Water DEX. Further, the exchange will lessen the swap fee. Also, regular WDP users will be provided with incentives.

Water Dex will be faster and more secure. More so, users can add their tokens and liquidity. They will also be rewarded for adding liquidity. Users can also self-add their token without a logo. In addition, users can also buy WDP using their Credit/Debit cards.

Furthermore, DEX aims to tackle the problems that impede centralized structures. DEX builds peer-to-peer marketplaces directly on the Ethereum blockchain. Even more, it allows traders to remain the custodian of their assets.

WaterDrop (WDP) Listing

Listing on Exchanges:

Bitsten Exchange

WaterDrop (WDP) token is listed on cryptocurrency exchange Bitsten. However, the exchange provides an easy-to-use interface, supports all browsers, and charges a low transaction fee on the platform.

Uniswap Exchange

WaterDrop (WDP) token is also listed on UNISWAP exchange.  Moreover, UNISWAP is a decentralized exchange protocol built on Ethereum. The exchange also provides solutions to liquidity problems that exist in other ordinary exchanges.

Vindax Exchange

WaterDrop (WDP) token is listed on as well in Vindax exchange. Vindax is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges that is registered in Vietnam. Moreover, the exchange shows very impressive trading volumes.

Altilly Exchange

WaterDrop (WDP) token is listed on Altilly exchange. The said exchange is a Netherland based exchange that features low trading fees. The exchange also has its own Altilly token listed.

Moreover, through staking funds into an investbox on Altily.com, users can earn interest every 6 hours. All the funds will be held in special accounts. Users can also withdraw funds anytime from the investbox. However, staking is an easy way to get interest in your WDP holdings.

Added to that, the interest-paying in staking WDP is 6% till December 30. Starting from January 1st the interest will increase by 10% from 6% to 60%. More so, 6% can be used to check how staking works.

Listing on Crypto Data Sites:

The WaterDrop team is proud to see the WDP token listed on the globally reputed and big crypto statistics websites.


WaterDrop (WDP) token is listed on crypto data site CoinGecko. However, it is one of the largest and earliest crypto data aggregators, operating since early 2014. It presently tracks over 6009 tokens from more than 414 digital currency exchanges.


WaterDrop (WDP) token is listed on crypto data tracking site CoinMarketCap. In the rapidly growing cryptocurrency space, CoinMarketCap is the most preferred price-tracking website for crypto assets globally.

Listing on Other Crypto Data Sites:

Apart from big crypto data site listings, WDP is also listed on other crypto statistics websites. They include Coinranking, Coincost, Tokenmarketcaps, Livecoinwatch, cmc.io, Cryptopro.app, cryptoatlas, Coinarbitragebot, and Coincodex.

The WaterDrop team also plans to list the Token on many more exchanges. Further, it also decided to add some features like a Connect wallet, search WDP on Dex, and Buy with an ATM.

Furthermore, as per data from the crypto statistic website Coinmarketcap, the WDP price is at $73, at the time of writing. However, the Pre-sale price of WDP was $29. Pre-sale investors will get over 150% gain considering the current price.

Moreover, the price is expected to reach above $500 in the next three months. In this case, pre-sale investors will get over 1600% gain as reported by thenewscrypto. Buy WDP tokens and get back more returns. More so, WaterDrop (WDP) token will show huge growth in the crypto-blockchain environment.

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