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Victoria VR Debuts Web3 Metaverse on Apple Vision Pro Release

Victoria VR Debuts Web3 Metaverse on Apple Vision Pro Release Metaverse

The first metaverse app for the Apple Vision Pro is scheduled for release by virtual reality developer Victoria VR. The Victoria VR app will be accessible in Q2 2024, marking Apple’s first virtual reality venture, which is set to launch on February 2.

The web3 application for Victoria VR will immerse users in a virtual space based on five elements of nature, complete with a map of the island including the cardinal points and a layout of the whole world based on the principles of Feng Shui. There will also be a Ming Kua calculator to help you choose appropriate places for your virtual plot. Using a builder, users will be able to create unique exteriors and interiors. You may use this entertaining educational game in the real world or in Victoria VR’s virtual environment.

Ultra-realistic visuals and captivating gameplay define Victoria VR, a virtual reality metaverse. It creates a complex virtual world that highlights both the strength of web3 technology and the various features of the Apple Vision Pro.

A never-ending motivational token economy that rewards stakers and active users powers the Victoria VR metaverse. Early adopters of the Apple VR will have an unforgettable experience with the app as it combines web3 capabilities with the depth and size of virtual reality.

The VR token powers the in-app economy in Victoria  VR and is intended to reward actions that improve the virtual world for the benefit of all users. It was one of the most successful launches in the exchange’s history when the VR token was distributed over KuCoin’s launchpad. The token had over $100 million in trading activity on its first day of trading, and in its first month, VR’s value increased by 212 times.

The Victoria VR team has been working nonstop to develop the metaverse application it supports since the VR token creation event. From the company’s Prague headquarters, around 80 in-house developers have been working on Victoria VR for the last two years. The Victoria VR CQB arena demonstration is set for February 9th, after the successful alpha release. An Early Access to the Metaverse is planned for April after that.

In addition to being used in other initiatives created under the Victoria VR brand, the VR token functions as the primary form of payment in the virtual world of Victoria VR. Users may buy goods, resources, skins, wearables, and lands within the Victoria VR metaverse. In order to encourage stakers and active metaverse users to return to the Metaverse, half of all proceeds from the sale of in-game assets are reinvested in the rewards pool.

Sales of the Apple Vision Pro are scheduled to begin on February 2. It promises stunning 3D video, an advanced eye and hand tracking interface, and a collection of augmented reality apps that make the most of the state-of-the-art technology. Through the integration of virtual reality and augmented reality, Apple VR will result in a versatile headset that can be used for both work and socializing.

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