Verlux NFT Launches Its Token Sale For Early Investors

Verlux NFT Launches Its Token Sale For Early Investors

The Verlux project has a unique functionality that allows users to Swap NFTs from other blockchains to the Cardano Blockchain. Verlux is working to lead as the biggest NFT Marketplace on the Cardano NFT ecosystem.

Verlux intends to be the largest NFT Marketplace by constantly innovating and creating solutions to tap into the NFT ecosystem’s boundless potential. Verlux thinks the NFT ecosystem is still young and has the right team to help it scale. Poised to be the largest Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace on the Cardano Blockchain, Verlux is excited about the ongoing Token Sale.

$VLX Utility

The Verlux Ecosystem is powered by the $VLX token, which facilitates platform transactions. Holders of the token may also vote on future platform developments. The $VLX Token has a maximum supply of 1 billion token and will be used for Transaction Fees, Featured Listings, NFT Farming, etc.

Early adopters and first investors may purchase VLX tokens at the seed sale by visiting the $VLX Token Sale page. Sale for early adopters commenced on November 12, 2021, and has seen huge participation from investors from across the globe.

VLX Sale Information

  • Seed Sale Allocation: 25% (250,000,000)
  • 1VLX = 0.0018 ADA
  • 1 ADA = 555
  • Minimum Buy: 200 ADA
  • Maximum Buy Max: 15,000

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