VeChain Network Finally Completes the Integration With D’CENT Wallet

VeChain Network Finally Completes the Integration With D’CENT Wallet

D’CENT wallet is one of the safest cryptocurrency wallets in the market. Recently, it is offering multiple features which can help users to secure their digital assets. So being in trend, VeChain Network is now integrating the D’CENT wallet. As it helps its users to trade VTHO and VET safely. In addition, this collaboration enables the users to send, receive and store these native currencies on D’CENT wallet. 

As the VeChain network integrates the D’CENT wallet access, the native currencies of VeChain – VTHO and VET get the additional support of Biometric wallet, card- type wallet and software wallet to secure the digital assets.

Currently, VeChain network is focusing on the emerging technologies such as AR, VR, AI, IoT and 5G targeting the next generation. Additionally to enhance its user experience, the platform is now incorporating the D’CENT Wallet to secure its native currencies. Even though the implementation is successful, the users are requested to meet some requirements by VeChain to access it. 

VeChain with D’CENT App Wallets

Further, the D’CENT platform offers these three types of wallets.  They are Biometric, Card type and App which are accessible in a single D’CENT mobile application. Besides all these wallets are applicable with both iOS and Android smartphones. Additionally, there is an interesting feature of Firmware update indicator. So whenever a new coin is added or any update made, a new firmware will be available for installation. Therefore releasing a new firmware version in the mobile application.

More so, D’CENT is recognised as the most convenient and safe hardware wallet with high digital protections and security standards. It is built by security experts with over 15+ years of experience in security and technical areas. Significantly the D’CENT wallets assists over 40 main network coins.  

As a real instance, the VET tokens act as the medium of transfer and storage at present. Now the users are generating the VTHO tokens holding VET and using it to pay the gas fees for the transactions on VeChain. So, the VeChain network is planning to eradicate these problems by integrating the D’CENT Wallets.

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