USDC Powered By TRC20 On TRON Network Surpasses 100 Million

Daily Transfer Volume Average of Stablecoin on Tron Network Reaches New Highs

It was all bells of joy not only for Justin Sun but also for the complete USDC users throughout the cryptocurrency market upon the launch of USDC through TRC20. This will all enable efficient trade of cryptocurrencies to USDC effortlessly and at greater speeds too. 

TRC20 Powered USDC

The founder of TRON-TRX, Justin Sun has been bragging a long time regarding the development and launch of USDC through the TRC20 blockchain. However, the launch of USDC powered by TRC20 took place by the near end of June 2021. This gathered immense attention all over the crypto industry. The battle between the USDC and USDT has been going on for a long time. 

Upon more and more everyday usage, as TRC20 proved to be the most efficient, now to date the complete circulation of USDC on the TRON network surpasses 100 million. Overwhelmed by the growth Justin Sun took on this, to Twitter. The TRON network’s official Twitter page -’TRON Foundation’ tweeted regarding the success. 

In addition, in the tweet, they depicted the launch of USDC-TRC20 in June. Also, they stated the much attention received for USDC-TRC20 throughout the blockchain industry. 

Moreover, in the tweet they also pointed out and boasted on themselves stating TRON to be the most versatile robust blockchain till date. Also, they mentioned the cover of about 2.1 billion transactions throughout.

Advantages of USDC By TRC20

USDC has always been outnumbered by the USDT as USDT is powered by the TRC20. The battle between USDT and USDC actually transcends to the actual battle between ERC20, the Ethereum based blockchain, and TRC20, the TRON-TRX based blockchain. 

Evident TRC20 is far better than ERC20 by many terms, USDT has been the preferred one always due to low gas fees upon TRC20. 

Now, with USDC through TRC20, the tables have been turned completely. In spite of all this, much attention shifts to USDC now. 

Apart from TRON, various other blockchains are also on the support of USDC through their blockchains. These include Avalanche, Polkadot, Stacks, Kava, Tezos and much more too.

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