US to Become the BTC Capital of the World: Carla Sands, U.S Senate Candidate!

  • Carla Sands states the US should be the BTC capital of the world.
  • U.S. senate candidate confident on BTC. 
  • Urges BTC miners to come to the US.

Though the war of Russia on Ukraine has been so far a week, yet, U.S senate candidates take on the talk of crypto and Bitcoin (BTC). In such terms, the running up for the U.S Republican Senate candidate for Pennsylvania, Carla Sands boasts on BTC abruptly. 

It’s indeed a true fact that whenever elections are on the toll closing up, candidates running for it, obviously these days take upon the topic of cryptocurrency and BTC. Indeed, there are currently no candidates who do not take on the topic of crypto and BTC. Either in support of or against the crypto industry, politicians never fail to comment on crypto. 

In such terms, Carla Sands, a proactive business woman, politician, actress, chiropractor and so on, endless are her careers so far, puts out a tweet in favor of BTC.  


BTC Views of Carla Sands

According to the tweet, Carla Sands states that the nation of America should become the BTC capital for the whole world. Though this may be a rather confident and supportive statement for both America as well as the BTC, speculations are obvious. 

In addition to this, Carla Sands states that the US should indeed welcome BTC mining firms and establishments with open hands to carry out their mining activities in the U.S. Amidst all this, she also states that the U.S government should make appealing rules, regulations and subsidies for mining firms to enter and operate in the U.S. 

Besides, there does exist a long history between the BTC and America. The U.S soon became one of the major leaders of BTC mining in the entire world, as soon as China and Russia banned the BTC minings.

Moreover, seeking for a better potential and power resources, and to carry out their business towards the future, many crypto and BTC mining firms for the past two years have entered and are being operational evidently in the U.S. 

However, many thrashed the Senate candidate in regards to the large energy power supply required for the BTC minings. Such reforms will only be catastrophic, making power and energy depletion radically.

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