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Unlocking Opportunities: iGaming Tokens and a 115% Surge in the Industry

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As the gaming industry experiences unprecedented growth, iGaming tokens are shaping a financial landscape within gaming platforms, enticing not only avid gamers but also crypto investors and tech enthusiasts eager to explore the fusion of gaming and blockchain technology. 

Beyond revolutionizing gameplay, these tokens offer unique earning opportunities for savvy players – which is the main appeal for a lot of users. In recent years, the amount of staked tokens has been ballooning, with some staking pools rising by 115%.

Understanding iGaming Tokens

iGaming tokens encapsulate a digital revolution within the gaming realm, serving as virtual currencies specifically designed for use on online gaming platforms. Unlike traditional in-game currencies, these tokens harness the power of blockchain technology, offering players a unique approach to their gaming experiences.

Here are some of their key benefits for players.

  • Passive income: When using iGaming tokens, players can earn up to 500% returns annually, depending on the program and platform.
  • Player Empowerment: iGaming tokens empower players by enabling peer-to-peer transactions, fostering a more decentralized and community-driven gaming environment. 
  • Long-term earning potential: Since a lot of the platforms offering iGaming tokens are still fairly young, there’s a massive opportunity for holders to see the value of their tokens increased. 
  • Transparency and Trust: As the adoption of crypto keeps rising by approximately 20% per year, blockchain’s transparency ensures that the circulation and value of iGaming tokens are openly visible to players. Trust is fostered through verifiable and secure transactions, establishing a reliable foundation for the gaming community.

Fairspin – A Case Study in iGaming Innovation

Fairspin is a platform recognized for its strategic incorporation of iGaming tokens, contributing to a distinctive player experience. 

Fairspin’s commitment to providing opportunities through their native TFS token is brought to life through two key programs.

  • Hold to Earn: The program introduces a tiered approach, where the duration of token holding directly correlates with the rewards earned. Time-bound APR rates ensure that players can strategically maximize their earnings. 
  • Liquidity Staking: This program invites users to stake TFS Tokens alongside USDT in designated pools on PancakeSwap. By doing so, participants become liquidity providers, earning passive income related to Fairspin’s GGR, staked token quantity, and staking duration. 

“Participants who stake for more extended periods stand to earn more. Staking TFS Tokens in the pool for over a month, with the multiplier at its highest, can bring maximum rewards,” Ethan, TFS Community Manager.

Players can also enjoy the Play to Earn program, which redefines the traditional concept of rakeback. Instead of periodic rewards, players receive instantaneously credited tokens, regardless of their bet outcomes.

By engaging in any game on the platform, players automatically earn TFS Tokens, the amount varying based on the game and the wager size. 

The available staking periods are 8 hours, 1 day, and 3 days, with rewards for the longest period reaching up to 860% APR.

The Mechanics of Earning: Liquidity Programs Explained

Navigating the intricacies of liquidity programs, such as those offered by Fairspin, involves understanding the mechanisms that determine potential returns. Your earnings are tied to:

  • Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR): Your potential returns in Fairspin’s liquidity programs are intricately linked to the platform’s Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR). This metric forms a key component in calculating the rewards participants can anticipate.
  • Fraction of Stake in the Pool: The proportion of your contribution to the overall pool plays a pivotal role in determining your potential returns.
  • Time Multiplier: Initiating at 0.3 for stakes lasting less than 7 days, this multiplier progressively increases, reaching its peak at 1 after a commitment of 30 days or more.

For those committed to the staking journey, especially beyond a month, the potential rewards peak at an impressive 0.5% of Fairspin’s GGR!

At the same time, Fairspin provides participants with flexibility in withdrawing rewards – the users can withdraw their rewards without the constraints of minimum waiting periods. 

Broadening the Horizon: iGaming Tokens as Financial Tools

Discovering the world of iGaming tokens reveals their two-sided nature – they function as in-game currency and can also be traded like assets.

Beyond gaming, these tokens offer a unique financial opportunity. By investing in them, players may see their value grow over time, presenting a chance for long-term financial gain.

According to recent reports, the average yield of staked assets is 10.2% on a quarterly basis. So, staking financial tokens and using them as an asset is a potentially smart investment, given that their returns, even on average, are quite impressive.

The transparency and security provided by blockchain technology also enhance the trustworthiness of these tokens as valuable assets.

Getting Involved with iGaming Tokens

Getting involved with iGaming tokens is simple and can open up exciting opportunities. Follow these key steps to start your journey into token-based iGaming platforms:

  • Choose a Reputable Platform: Select a trusted iGaming platform that supports token use. Fairspin, known for innovative programs, is an excellent choice.
  • Create an Account: Register on the chosen platform, providing the necessary information.
  • Explore Token Opportunities: Familiarize yourself with the earning mechanisms offered by the platform, such as Play to Earn, Hold to Earn, or Liquidity Staking.
  • Start Earning: Participate in token-earning programs by playing games, holding tokens, or staking.

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