Unizen Partners With GEC For The Launch Of ‘DOGE-1 To The Moon’

Unizen Partners With GEC For The Launch Of ‘DOGE-1 To The Moon’

Unizen has announced its partnership with Geometric (GEC) to launch DOGE-1, the first crypto-funded mission to the moon. Along with Unizen, a leading smart exchange platform, ZenX, CeDeFi incubator also joins the partnership with GEC.

Consequently, the CEO of Unizen and ZenX, Sean Noga shares that GEC’s team is truly innovative and works on an impressive vision for the future. The team also aims to expand the use cases in their ecosystem. The team’s implementation of the XI protocol is a game-changing advancement in space structure that integrates distributed ledger technologies.

This agreement will be set as a number of achievements not only for the crypto community but also in the space community. Moreover, Dogecoin was used to fund a launch agreement for a spot on a SpaceX Falcon 9 in Q1 2022, making it the first spacecraft launch paid entirely with cryptocurrency.

According to Tom Orchinero, Vice President of SpaceX, this initiative will show the use of cryptocurrencies beyond Earth orbit and lay the groundwork for interplanetary commerce. Besides, he is very excited to launch DOGE-1 to the moon.

The collaboration of GEC and ZenX is the first example of merging scientific and tech teams together to advance in the space community through a unique crypto use case. Significantly, GEC is a manufacturing, intellectual property, and logistics leader dedicated to developing cutting-edge renewable energy technology. The company is continuing to diversify its offerings by developing products for the space, software, energy, and medical industries.

Pushing Ledger Technology To Space

This partnership helps to push the borders of distributed ledger technology to space. Even before it launched, the mission was a huge success because it revealed that cryptocurrency can be used to fund large-scale initiatives like satellite launches in a stable, flexible, and frictionless manner. Unizen and GEC are both convinced that this world-record-breaking use case will serve as a model for subsequent crypto-funded projects.

Additionally, DOGE-1 may set a new record if it is launched in the first quarter of 2022. So far, more than 1,600 cubesats have been launched into Low Earth Orbit (LEO), which orbits between 100 and 1,200 miles above Earth’s surface. While on the other hand, a launch with a distance of 250,000 miles is complex. 

CAPSTONE, a NASA cubesat, was supposed to be the first to reach the moon, but it has been postponed several times and now has a launch window of late March 2022. DOGE-1 could be the first cubesat to reach the moon, which would be a huge breakthrough for global spaceflight. If this mission is successful then it might create a history, so it is time to wait for more updates officially.

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