Unique Aging NFT Novatar Mint Commences Along With Immersive Virtual City

Unique Aging NFT Novatar Mint Commences Along With Immersive Virtual City

A unique collection of 25K Novatars is a one-of-a-kind creation resulting from a complex AI algorithm that considers factors such as race, ethnicity, and skin tone. Each NFT infant has distinct characteristics derived from the core nine genes.

The NFT “Novatar” is quickly becoming part of a Metaverse with the recent disclosure of its mint date. The first-ever aging baby NFTs, which are now being auctioned for 0.11 ETH, is the only way into an elite community.

NovatarCity: Infinite Opportunites to Explore

After the reveal, Novatars, or newborn avatars, may grow up to be full-grown adults, as per the choice of the avatar owner. The Mint began on July 23 at 01:00 pm EST, and the project has continued to provide distinct additional features ever since.

The NovatarCity, an exciting hub for Novatar owners, has been built by the team to provide an immersive Metaverse experience for users. Virtual properties may be purchased in NovatarCity and access to various virtual locations. Additionally, each of “NovatarCity’s” first 5000 citizens will get an NFT apartment for free.

Two additional entertainment venues, the Casino and the Cabaret will be added to “NovatarCity.” Some areas will only be available to Novatar owners, while others will need an adult Novatar to enter. A Fortune Wheel with various fantastic rewards will be found in the Casino, while the Cabaret will have explicit visual content that is not accessible to everyone.

This project is a collection of aging avatars, all of which are unique. With the purchase of an all-inclusive baby avatar, users have the option of aging it or keeping it as a baby.

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