UAE Money Exchange Collaborates With RippleNet

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  • Al Fardan, UAE money exchange partners with RippleNet.
  • RippleNet provides blockchain services for Al Fardan. 
  • International transfers are all to be done through RippleNet’s blockchain.

Almost all sectors have incorporated blockchain and it’s services in either one way or the other. On such a basis one of the most highly demandable and applicable usage of the blockchain are upon banks. Yes, true to the fact merging of these two entities will be like combining a Bugatti Chiron with a tank load of Nitrous oxide. 

Accordingly, one of the most reputed money exchanges in UAE, the Al Fardan Exchange has officially announced it’s tie up with RippleNet.

The Productive Partnership

The Al Fardan money exchange is one of the most widely spread money exchanges in the UAE. Al Fardan has approximately more than 70 branches all across UAE. With more than 41 years overall in the money exchange industry, the Al Fardan is obviously one of the most well established and trusted exchanges in UAE

In such terms, with the prospects of moving forward towards the future, Al Fardan now joins hands with the most tamed blockchain services provider, specialized for banks and money handlings, the RippleNet. In addition, RippleNet will be supporting Al Fardan for carrying out money transfers through it’s blockchain. 

In spite of this, the Al Fardan money exchange will now become a part and included into RippleNet’s blockchain cloud. All transfers will be subjugated to the cloud network and then transferred out internationally. 

Accordingly, the CEO of Al Fardan, Hasan Al Fardan, states that they are immensely focused in providing the best, fastest and most safest modes of money transfers throughout the region. Apart from that, the CEO reveals that they are looking forward and stepping into digital means of payments along with future technology. 

On the other hand, the Managing Director of RippleNet for the South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Navin Gupta exclaims that they are highly proud with the partnership in UAE profusely. Also, Gupta terms that this partnership will strategically drive more customers in UAE towards RippleNet. 

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