Twitter to Sell Usernames to Raise Revenue

  • Twitter Intent to selling usernames.
  • Twitter’s username squatting policy prohibits the buying and selling of usernames.

A recent report from The New York Times indicates that Twitter is considering selling usernames to generate revenue. Corporate engineers have considered holding online auctions where customers can compete for usernames, also known as handles. If the concept is implemented, it’s not clear if it will affect all usernames or just a subset of them. It’s also unknown whether the notion will be implemented. 

Changes Over the Past Few Months

Also, the billionaire created a new history by being the first person ever to lose $200 billion. The owner of Twitter saw his net worth decline by $200 billion. Musk’s Twitter rolls out new features like the proposal to upload 4,000-word essays as Tweets. And its present curation of a TikTok-style “For You” page. Musk also stated that Twitter would start allowing people to format their tweets with settings like bold, underlining, and font size. 

Earlier this month, the company said that it would lift its ban on political advertisements in the coming weeks. The social network unveiled a revised version of its $7.99 Twitter Blue subscription in November, along with a blue marking designating verified status. 

And last month, the CEO of Twitter, polled users on the site to figure out whether he should step down as the company’s leader, and the majority of respondents agreed.

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