Twitter Thrashes on John Wall’s NFT Using Fortnite Backdrop

Twitter Thrashes on John Wall’s NFT Using Fortnite Backdrop
  • John Wall’s NFT uses Fortnite game’s images in it. 
  • Crypto enthusiasts take to Twitter to express their anger and disappointment. 
  • Each expresses their reviews, thrashing the John Wall’s NFTs profusely.

Of course it’s obvious that the whole non-fungible tokens (NFT) market is recently full of skepticisms. The real problem arises when unknown people produce NFTs themselves , profusely the artists. The worst is that these artists use well known and established famous individuals and celebrities without their consent themselves. Thus, creating epic chaos for all, and a bad remark on the NFT industry too. 

Accordingly, a recent  NFT has been receiving thrashes like anything. Most of these are upon the Twitter platform. In spite of all this, the launch of John Wall’s NFTs, named the ‘Baby Baller’ is the one with all such negative hot news. 

The Baby Baller NFT

The NBA star John Wall needs no further introduction, as he’s well known for his epic games. With such epic stardom and fame, John Wall decided to get himself into the NFT industry. In spite of this, John Wall launched a  number of NFTs with the series title of ‘Baby Ballers’. 

In spite of this John wall terms that this NFT project is to raise funds for charity. Also he adds, it’s for the betterment of the ‘Ballers Community’. 

However, the launch of his Baby Ballers NFTs, has used the background image a picture from the ever craze warfare game, the Fortnite.

 Moreover, the image in the backdrop is said to be from season 5 of Fortnite. Apart from this the NFT features the baby baller with fingers shooting the basketball in a basketball court. 

Enthusiast’s Thrashes

Despite the first attempt into the NFT industry, everyone took to Twitter criticizing and thrashing John Wall’s NFT and the design team behind it. In addition, many people term this kind of work as an absolute showcase of lack of creativity and laziness. 

Also, one tweet shows that if John Wall has planned for a project worth 600 Ethereum (ETH), then the project’s NFTs have to be unique evidently.

Furthermore, another tweet questions commonly that if one is a celebrity they should not use their fame and status for bridging in NFTs which they ought to leave and scam in just a few months later.

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