TRON (TRX) Annual Statistics Represent an Excellent Track Record

504,600,250 TRX Worth $38M Purchased by TRON DAO Reserve
  • TRON reached $14.06 billion in TVL and ended the year at $9.98 billion TVL.
  • The networks entire on-chain asset value stood at $58.19 billion.

With its 2000 transactions per second, TRON wants to make blockchain technology more accessible. Justin Sun, a well-known tech entrepreneur, started it in September 2017. Last year, Sun stepped down and declared his intention to legitimize blockchain technology in Latin America. Since then, he hasn’t engaged much in any regular TRON activities.

With 67 million TRON accounts and 2.72 billion transactions up from 1.41 billion, marking an increase of 1.31 billion, TRON is the fastest-growing public chain. TRON’s native coin, TRX, is utilized to access the platform’s applications. Moreover, last year TRON reached $14.06 billion in TVL and ended the year at $9.98 billion TVL, thus topping other public chains and making it one of the most popular DeFi protocols.

Ranked Just Behind TRC20-USDT

The platform now has a total of 101.9 billion TRX in circulation. TRON’s contract calls increased from 1.16 billion in January of last year to 1.7 billion in December, a 540 million increase over the previous year. Last year, TRON’s entire on-chain asset value stood at $58.19 billion, ranking just behind TRC20-USDT. 

On January 5 this year, it announced that the network had reached 70 million users through its official Twitter account. The currency has lost 16% in the last month but gained 150% in the previous year. TRON’s current price is 74% below its 2018 high of $0.3. According to CoinMarketCap, the TRON price today is $0.068470 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $992,880,183 USD.

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