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Trading Expert Who Saw Huge Success With Bonk (BONK) and Dogwifhat (WIF) Is up 5000% on This Meme Coin

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Trading experts who previously predicted the success of Dogwifhat and Bonk are now looking at the same potential at $HUMP. With a possible market boom on the horizon, some say $HUMP could be the next big thing in the market.

Speculation Rises on a Huge Bull Run Following the Halving

As the Bitcoin halving approaches, speculation about a major bull run is swirling among leading crypto traders. This excitement stems from a shift in market sentiment that began in early 2024.

While the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting triggered a market correction, many experts remain optimistic. They believe the upcoming bull run has the potential to outpass rallies that happened during the previous halving. This bullish outlook underscores the enduring potential of the cryptocurrency market.

Despite the Bull Run Hype, $WIF and $BONK Are Under Intense Selling Pressure

The Solana meme coin market, which has been super hot since the beginning of 2024, has started to slow down in the past week. $BONK it’s not doing well lately. After a crazy jump in price of over 3,000%, it dropped more than 18% in the last week. Right now, the price is bouncing between $0.000031 and $0.00002. Lots of people are selling, which could make it tough for $BONK to go back up again. Another popular meme coin, $WIF, is also having some hard times. They promised investors huge returns since early 2024, but the price has gone down 25% in the last week. It used to be around $4.50, but now it’s only $3.40. It’s trying to get past $3.50, but it just can’t seem to break through. Even though there’s a lot of excitement about the bull run on the upcoming Bitcoin halving, some of these meme coins are having a rough time lately.

$HUMP Remain Strong Amid Ongoing Market Correction

The recent slump in top SOL meme coins, like $WIF and $BONK has spooked some investors, sparking concerns that the hype surrounding these established tokens may be fading. This shift in sentiment has many searching for the next big thing in the meme coin market. $HUMP, a rising star that has defied the recent downturn was launched on Raydium and Jupiter on March 29th, Hump witnessed a staggering 5,000% price increase, and unlike its struggling counterparts, has maintained its strength even during the broader market correction of the past week. This top contender offers more than just a flashy launch. $HUMP boasts a unique concept that eliminates buying and selling taxes, fostering a frictionless trading experience and promoting a stronger community atmosphere.  Furthermore, within a week of its debut, $HUMP secured listings on both Coinmarketcap and Coingecko. With its impressive launch, resilience during the correction, and unique features, $HUMP is quickly capturing the attention of investors, leaving many to wonder if it could be the next breakout star in the scene.

Whales Also Showing They’re Not Willing to Miss Out This Opportunity

Adding another layer of intrigue to $HUMP’s story is the recent activity of large investors. Following $HUMP’s massive 50% price surge in the past week, data from Dextools suggests a surge of huge transactions exceeding $15,000. These hefty investments by “whales,” as these major players are known in the crypto world, indicate a growing interest in this token. Not to be outdone, smaller, yet significant, investors, often referred to as “dolphins,” are also joining the wave. Transactions ranging from $5,000 to $9,000 are becoming increasingly common, signifying the growing appeal of $HUMP among mid-tier investors. This confluence of activity from both whales and dolphins suggests a rising confidence in $HUMP’s potential.

Analyzing the Future of $HUMP: Trading Experts Predict Huge Potential

Trading experts with a proven track record of predicted meme coin successes like $BONK and $WIF are now turning their attention to $HUMP, the hottest new contender on the Solana scene. $HUMP’s impressive performance since its launch, coupled with the promise of an imminent major exchange listing, has fueled excitement among these well-known traders. Their optimism aligns with the predictions on the upcoming bull run, potentially pushing $HUMP’s price up by a staggering 5000%.

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