TradeStars brings a Revolutionary Fantasy Sports Platform for you to Play to Earn this T20I Cricket World Cup

TradeStars brings a Revolutionary Fantasy Sports Platform for you to Play to Earn this T20I Cricket World Cup

The T20I Cricket World Cup has got off to a scintillating start. With the biggest names in the game eager to fight tooth and nail in a bid to win, the upcoming series of matches promises to be a showcase of the best talent from the Cricket World.

All of us would be rooting for our favourite Cricketers, trying to convince others as to why Kohli will score the fastest fifties or why Rashid Khan will bowl the tightest overs. After all, whoever makes the correct choice would end up earning bragging rights.

But what if you could earn more than bragging rights? What if you could use our knowledge to make the correct predictions and earn monetary rewards?

The answer is here. Introducing TradeStars, a revolutionary Fantasy Sports Platform where you use your cricketing acumen and Play to Earn this T20I Cricket World Cup.

Play-to-Earn Gaming

The online gaming industry has been evolving steadily over the last two decades, but the last couple of years have seen phenomenal growth.

To put things in context, the online gaming community consisted of 930 million members worldwide in 2020, who helped generate a total revenue of $21 billion. This was an increase of almost 22% from 2019. The trend is set to continue in the future, with the number of online gamers expected to surpass 1.3 billion by 2025!

The ever-increasing internet penetration, the affordability of feature-rich smartphones, and a global pandemic raging outside our homes have all contributed to this rise. However, the biggest catalyst behind this growth is arguably the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model of gaming.

As the name suggests, P2E games allow users to earn actual monetary rewards for all the time and effort they put into gaming. This is in stark contrast to traditional games where users would just earn the satisfaction of defeating their opponents or progressing through exceedingly tougher levels.

In most cases, P2E games are synonymous with blockchain technology. These games offer players complete control and ownership of their in-game assets, which exist in the digital world even outside the realm of the particular game.

Gamers can also earn cryptocurrencies for their efforts, which can be cashed out to fiat currencies in secondary exchanges.

TradeStars brings P2E to the World of Cricket

TradeStars has brought the P2E model to the world of Cricket, by developing a decentralized trading platform where users can trade Fantasy Stocks whose value is influenced by real life sporting events.

This has provided a platform for Cricket lovers to monetize their Sports knowledge and earn rewards in the process.

These Fantasy Stocks represent all your favourite Cricketers, and their base value is determined by their historical performance. For example, Rohit Sharma’s Fantasy Stock’s base price will be higher than that of Shimron Hetmyer.

Once the stocks are available on the market for trading, their value will be governed purely by the supply-demand dynamic of the market.  

Players who perform better will see a higher demand for their stocks, and a corresponding increase in their stock price. So, every time Bumrah yorks out a batsman, expect a rush of buyers for Bumrah’s stocks.

Some of the stocks are ‘locked’ initially and will get unlocked for trading only when 10,000 units of the stocks have been purchased by users cumulatively. Such stocks are available at their lowest possible price in the locked stage.

If you can predict correctly as to who will put in stellar performances during the course of the tournament and buy their stocks during the initial stages, you will be rewarded with steady growth in your portfolio value.

Apart from this, TradeStars has also launched daily contests whereby you can win rewards if you end up holding the Fantasy Stocks of the highest run-scorer, the highest wicket-taker, or the most prolific six-hitter of the day.

TradeStars, build you portfolio of Fantasy Stocks

TradeStars has been modelled on the same lines as NASDAQ. Just like investors put their money on stocks of trusted enterprises in NASDAQ, users can invest in the Fantasy Stocks of their favourite Cricketers on TradeStars.

TradeStars has been built on Ethereum and is powered by Polygon, designed to provide massive scalability and offer a world-class gaming interface to users.

The Fantasy Stocks are issued as F-NFTs (Fractional Non-Fungible Tokens) on the blockchain. Users have complete and provable ownership of the Stocks that they purchase, as all transactions are recorded permanently on the Ethereum blockchain.

Other Fantasy Sports games require users to create teams consisting of only 11 players at a given time. Moreover, users have to re-shuffle their team before every match in order to maximize their chances of winning points.

TradeStars, on the other hand, focuses on creating a long-term portfolio of Fantasy Stocks. There is absolutely no restriction when it comes to purchasing stocks – you can buy or sell as many stocks of as many players as you want.

Trading is done peer to peer on TradeStars’ decentralized marketplace, which is open 24×7 every single day of the year.

If you think that a newcomer has the potential to upstage all his peers and opponents, then you can buy his Fantasy Stocks and remain invested in the player throughout his career.

How to Play

In order to purchase Fantasy Stocks, you require TSX, which is the in-game currency of TradeStars. TSX is available on both decentralized (Uniswap, PancakeSwap) and centralized (MEXC) exchanges.

Create an account on TradeStars, transfer TSX to your in-game wallet, and you’re ready to go. Deposits and withdrawals to TradeStars accounts can be made through any of the numerous mobile wallets supported by WalletConnect.

TradeStars promises to increase the excitement quotient this T20I World Cup. While your favourite players fight it out on the field, use your sporting knowledge to play and earn rewards daily on TradeStars.

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