Top Oracle Tokens That Steals The Show Of Crypto Market!

Since the revival of the crypto industry, many altcoins are performing well providing their finest results to the users. Currently, Bitcoin came back to the $44k level which still holds strong to surge up and break the crucial resistance at the $48k level. Though the investors and traders are hoping BTC to surge high, many altcoins are performing extraordinarily. 

Significantly, the top 10 oracle tokens by market cap are LINK, UMA, WIN, API3, BAND, RLC, TRB, KYL, and ORAI. These are the oracle tokens that are shared by Crypto Dep, an analysis platform that shares interesting crypto facts.  A blockchain or smart contract can use an oracle to interface with external data. An oracle is a link between off-chain and on-chain events, as blockchains are deterministic one-way streets.

Top Oracle Tokens

According to Crypto Dep, the first oracle token that captures the top position by market capitalization is Chainlink (LINK). It is well-known for its decentralized oracle network that provides real-world data to smart contracts on the blockchain. This project has a market cap value of $7.73 billion which is also 24% high in the past month.

The next set of tokens in the list is UMA (UMA), WINkLink (WIn), and API3 (API3). These tokens have their market cap value at $509M, $328M, and $306M respectively. Though WIN and API3 do not differ far in the numeric terms of their market cap value. Currently, the price value of these tokens has changed to highs and lows over the last 30 days. UMA is 8.90% low, WIN is 24.3% high, and API3 is 8.90% up while performing hard to hit new highs.

Following these, Band Protocol (BAND), iExec RLC (RLC), DIA (DIA), and Trellor (TRB) come on the list. These tokens are holding their market capitalization of $206M, $165M, $69M, and $61M respectively. Moreover, the mentioned four tokens have experienced an upsurge of 33.5%, 34.2%, 9.6%, and 48% in the past month.

Consequently, the final set of oracle tokens is Kylin Network (KYL) and Oraichain (ORAI) which have a market cap of $42.8M and $22M. Besides, the past 30-days statistics depict gains of 51.7% and 61.1% respectively. However, these tokens have showcased the value of their foundation with the performance in this blockchain industry. Thus, the oracle tokens are becoming much bigger with new tokens to be launched in near future. The crypto users can witness the potential and strength of the above-mentioned tokens by analyzing their past month’s data. This implies a strong bullish rally in the upcoming term for the oracle tokens.

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