Top Gainers’ List July 25, 2022: SON, JUP, HIVE

Top Gainers’ List July 25, 2022: SON, JUP, HIVE
  • The crypto market witnessed a slight surge for the past week.
  • JUP becomes the top gainer after being listed on the top exchange, Coinbase.
  • SON has climbed over 41% within the last 24-hours.

Since the past week, the crypto market has witnessed a minor surge from its long-term bear trend. Remarkably, Bitcoin slipped down to $18,000 in mid-June, following that the entire crypto industry faced a crashdown that prolonged for the past month. Though BTC is still in its bear market, it initiated to surge up last week while the current price value is at $21,970.

As a matter of fact, the crypto industry is about thousands of cryptocurrencies where each excels in its ecosystem and features. Thus, when a token is surpassing the mainstream cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH in terms of performance then that would be trending. Despite the fact that BTC has substantially climbed up in the past week, some cryptocurrencies have overperformed. We’re going to have a look at the top gainers of the day.

Surges Over 10% In a Day

CryptoDiffer is a platform that analyzes the crypto market and based on the updates it shares the project news. Similarly, the top gainers of the past 24-hours are shared while the top three tokens are SON, JUP, and HIVE. 

The first cryptocurrency Souni (SON) has a trading volume of $3M and surged over 41% within a day. Then, Jupiter (JUP) climbed over 25% in a day after being listed on the Coinbase exchange boosting the price value. Moreover, the other reason might be the launch of new NFTs on Leda, an NFT marketplace using the Jupiter blockchain. Furthermore, the top third token is Hive blockchain (HIVE), which soared to 19% in the last 24-hours, having a trading volume of $34M. 

However, the final set of tokens is Clearpool (CPOOL), Rich Quack (QUACK), Mobilecoin (MOB), and Cult DAO (CULT). The fore-mentioned tokens have surged to 16.7%, 14.7%, 12.4%, and 10.4% respectively. CULT was one of the trending tokens during the launch period, as the price value achieved highs and gathered traction towards the project.

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