Top Gainers’ List July 23, 2022: BOND, RARI, DEX

Top Gainers’ List July 23, 2022: BOND, RARI, DEX
  • The top gainers of the day are shared by CryptoDiffer.
  • It includes BOND, RARI, DEXE, POND, WLKN, WING, and AXS.
  • RARI surges up following its integration to Coinbase.

Volatility is the nature of the crypto market where it experiences highs and lows, investors and traders play more that results in price volatility. When observing the crypto space, it is evident that there is no tool to predict crypto volatility. The swings of the market can be identified by having a glance through the historical data of the price chart. Thus it has no token in the industry which guarantees profits constantly.

However, every day isn’t a day for the same cryptocurrency as the trending and top gaining tokens differ according to their trading volume. Though the mainstream cryptocurrencies have huge volume, the volume for the past 24-hours plays a vital role in trending. As such, let’s have a look at the top gainers of the day which includes a top gaming token with a 7% gain.

It’s Not Always About Bitcoin

The top gainers of the day by CryptoDiffer are BOND, RARI, DEXE, POND, WLKN, WING, and AXS. Moreover, CryptoDiffer is an analytics platform that shares updates on crypto projects and news. Significantly, the first set of top gainers is BarnBridge (BOND), Rarible (RARI), DeXe.Network (DEXE), and Marlin (POND). The trading volume of these tokens is $276M, $6.4M, $6.5M, and $25M respectively.

 The above-mentioned cryptocurrencies have surged to 46%, 34%, 19%, and 10% individually. As a matter of fact, these tokens are majorly traded on Binance except RARI which has its volume from Coinbase. This came in following the announcement from the exchange that Coinbase integrates Rarible and Opensea orders via their wallet extension. Consequently, it is great news for NFT artists and creators as it paves way for more convenience. 

Additionally, the next set of tokens is Walken (WLKN), Wing Finance (WING), and Axie Infinity (AXS). The volume of these tokens is $1M, $27M, and $85M respectively. In this instance, AXS is one of the most popular gaming-tokens and even the key-driver behind the emergence of gaming platforms. The price change of the fore-mentioned tokens for the past 24-hours is a gain of 9.8%, 8.8%, and 7.6% respectively. 

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