Top Five Most Popular CEO Tweets in Q3 2021

Top Five Most Popular CEO Tweets in Q3 2021
  • The Argentine peso has been experiencing hyperinflation.
  • The 2FA protects against all threats and prevents attackers from getting into an account.

GlobalData’s Influencer Platform data shows five of the most popular CEO tweets in Q3 2021. The top tweets, picked from influencers monitored by GlobalData’s Influencer Platform using a scientific algorithm. Influencers, chosen based on their relevance, network, involvement, and leading debates on emerging trends.

1. Michael Saylor’s Tweet on Argentine Workers Being Paid in Bitcoin

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy (MSTR), posted an article about Argentine National Congress member José Luis Ramón submitting a bill allowing workers to be paid in Bitcoin. The Argentine peso has been experiencing hyperinflation, making it difficult to save money.

  • Username: Michael Saylor
  • Twitter handle: @saylor
  • Likes: 7,435
  • Retweets: 1,642

2. Twitter’s First Algorithmic Bias Bounty Competition Tweeted by Jack Dorsey

Twitter’s CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey published an article on the company’s first algorithmic bias reward contest. Furthermore, the business said it released its saliency algorithm, often known as picture cropping algorithm, a technique for spotting bias. Moreover, it shared the code so others could replicate it. The new endeavour is part of the DEFCON AI Village, a group of hackers, academics, and scientists who teach AI. Twitter announced a new measure to encourage the community to identify any algorithmic harms.

  • Username: Jack Dorsey
  • Twitter handle: @jack
  • Likes: 2,199
  • Retweets: 434

3. Australian Educators Use Swift To Teach App Developers: Tim Cook

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, published an article on how Queensland educators teach app development skills to children using Swift, Apple’s open-source programming language. Furthermore, TAFE Queensland will offer a new Swift iOS app development course in October 2021. Moreover, the article mentioned it would be the only iOS curriculum co-developed with Apple teachers and engineers.

  • Username: Tim Cook
  • Twitter handle: @tim_cook
  • Likes: 1,343
  • Retweets: 139

4. New Cryptocurrency Bill in Turkey: Nischal Shetty

Nischal Shetty, CEO of WazirX, tweeted an article from the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance announcing a new law requiring crypto firms to have a minimum capital requirement. Moreover, the measure will be introduced in October 2021. According to Deputy Minister Akir Ercan Gül, the law draught outlines the categories of crypto assets, rules, and conditions necessary by crypto platforms to combat money laundering and safeguard consumers.

  • Username: Nischal (WazirX)
  • Twitter handle: @NischalShetty
  • Likes: 783
  • Retweets: 145

5. Rachel Tobac’s Comment About Twitter’s MFA for Account Security

Between July and December 2020, just 2.3 percent of Twitter users utilized multi-factor authentication (MFA), according to Rachel Tobac, CEO of SocialProof Security. Furthermore, the social networking site claims that two-factor authentication (2FA) protects against all threats and prevents attackers from getting into an account. According to the post, Twitter offers 2FA through security keys, an authentication app, and SMS or text messaging.

  • Username: Rachel Tobac
  • Twitter handle: @RachelTobac
  • Likes: 564
  • Retweets: 208

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