Top DeFi Projects By Social Activities

Top 3 Projects With Market Capitalization of $10M - $20M as per CryptoDep
  • Terra lost almost 98% of the market volume and went to 271st place in CMC.
  • The DeFi crypto market cap is $52.93B. 23.97% fell over the last day.

The Cryptocurrency market is already in a bearish zone. it dropped more than half of its volume from its all-time high of $3 trillion. The cryptocurrency market capitalization is currently $1.20 trillion at the time of writing.

However Decentralized finance [DeFi]  grows brighter with each new day and new projects appear each project as its own set of developments. There are dozens of award tokens, payment solutions, artificial asset networks, and Dexes, as well as many other DeFi features that are now available.

Let us look at the top DeFi Projects by Social Activity as per CryptoDep

Top DeFi Projects By Social Activities 

There are 10 top DeFi projects ranked by social activities, according to Crypto Dep. They are LUNA, XTZ, CAKE, SFM, PULI, MARVIN, FTM, CULT, COW, ZIL.

According to a May 12 update, the top DeFi projects are Terra [ LUNA], Tezos [XTZ], and PancakeSwap [CAKE]. The social mentions and social engagement for these DeFi currencies are 111K and 388M, 48.1K and 138M, 35.1K and 35.7M.

As a result, the following set of token’s is SafeMoon V2S [SFM], Puli [PULI], and Marvin Inu [MARVIN]. These tokens social mentions and social engagements are 19.1K and 25.3M, 16.6K and 17.7M, 14.1K and 7.77M.

According to social activity, the above-mentioned currencies are the most popular DeFi projects. The worst part in this LUNA lost 98% of the volume but on the other hand all other above-mentioned currencies are maintaining their volume steady.

SafeMoon V2 is booming, Today’s SafeMoon V2 price is $0.000466 USD, with $5,998,443 USD in 24-hour trading volume. In the previous 24 hours, SafeMoon V2 has increased by 66.21% as per the CoinMarketCap [CMC]. 

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